How can we decide on the Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme that best suits our online store? What is the best theme to consolidate our brand image when using WooCommerce? These are two questions that are often answered with constant trial and error. However, we want to give you a cable.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that allows you to build and manage a store in a very dynamic, simple and attractive way. One of the most difficult things is deciding which will be our first squad, but also which one should be the most appropriate for the current moment.

Installing a theme from the store is very simple because WooCommerce does not require any installation or software download. Everything is done in a few minutes after browsing the different collections. You have the option to try them for free if they are paid and also the option of a demo to see how it would look with all its features in full.

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We are going to show you the “Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress review” Theme that we liked the most, endorsed by customers who use them daily. In this way, we hope we can even guide you to the one that will definitely be yours.

Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme review

As the name suggests, the Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme is designed for stores that have a large number of products in stock. By having a large number of options for the customer to choose from. It is built with a predictive search that takes them directly to the product they are looking for.Karte - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme is based on a file system that allows you to easily customize different elements (fonts, colors, texts and images) to make a custom design.

The design itself is based on dynamic cards. The upper part shows the products highlighted by the company or those sections that result from a differentiating element. Everything you want to show at a first glance will appear here.

You can then set up exclusive offers or special promotions to make it more relevant than other sections, which will already deal with the most popular products and the catalog itself.

Do you have a project in mind

There are 7+ home page demos. You can change it any time.Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme 7+ demos

The entire template can be configured in the way you prefer, but it is one of the best options so that a large amount of information and products appear dosed without saturating the store too much. It is perfect for the following cases:

  • Fashion stores with a large number of sizes and characteristics of the products.
  • Shoe Stores with a large stock of seasonal products or promotional products with a high turnover.
  • Stores that have many products from the same sector and need to organize several sections in an orderly manner, such as sports equipment stores.
25+ inner pages demos

25 iner pages demos

In addition, you can encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter before they leave the store and you will have a stock level indicator if you need to create that sense of urgency or products only available for a certain time.

Advantage of Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Premium WooCommerce theme, on the other hand, usually meets all the requirements that we mentioned before.

From the outset, they are flexible themes that offer many more customization options. And since they are paid and not everyone is willing to pay for them, they are less seen and, therefore, more unique designs.

In general, they are compatible with all kinds of plugins and tools strictly necessary to make your website not only beautiful but also strategic.

On the other hand, with premium templates or themes you can easily access tutorials, forums, videos or support to solve any problem that arises. Come on, you’re not going to feel lonely or abandoned. Neither for this nor for the updates, which are insured.

In the end, all these advantages are summed up in one: better guarantees. Maybe the free WooCommerce theme will save you a few dollars but the premium ones will help you save time and headaches.

The question is to find the template that best suits your project and your needs. And for that, it may help you to know which are (at least in our opinion) the best Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme and why.

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Easy to use

It is desirable that the ease of use of an e-commerce platform is in accordance with its potential. We don’t want to spend months trying to figure out the ins and outs of each one so that we can ultimately build our business.

It is true Karte easy to install on WooCommerce platforms. And you have more flexibility when it comes to configuring the store and its design.

One click installation

one click installation

That is, you will need to work a little more but the reward is more control over your store.
With Karte, you will need to download the theme and install it on the server you have contracted. Some web hosting providers will give you the ability to install the platform automatically, saving you the initial setup work.

Once you are in the control panel, you will see that it is quite easy to understand. The tabs on the left show you all the information relevant to your store (sales, products, customers, marketing, content, reports…) and on the main screen you can see a summary of your total sales, the average and the last orders.

Karte‘s look and feel are elegant and pleasing to the eye. To add a product, Karte is not more complicated, but it offers more options than Wix, allowing you to add more attributes to customize your product as you want it to appear on the web.

When adding a new product, the appearance resembles the creation of a post in any CMS. In the main window, you can directly drag a photo to specify the image of your product. Afterward, you have the option to write a short summary and a more detailed description, and define if the product is a combination or a singular product, its quantity, price, SEO options, etc.

Karte Personalization and design

The window of your online store is as important as the window of a physical store and both Karte is prepared to help you choose the design that you like the most. In turn, you will surely end up installing extra modules to add the additional features you need on the web.

The open-source nature of the two platforms will allow you to edit every nook and cranny to make it exactly how you want it.

First of all, with Karte you will have more extensions with which you can expand the functions of the store. A typical example is a multi-vendor extension that allows the conversion of your store to a platform for the sale of different merchants, imitating Amazon, eBay and Etsy, among others.

Karte has several theme demos to install and choose the theme you prefer, but it is common for users to design their own templates, so this section may be more limited than in other CMS.

The high level of customization is a big plus point. You will have all the functions you need and a wide range of themes for customization.

There is elementor for customizing.


If we enter the Karte, we can get a basic idea of all the options available to us, such as:
  • Modern and Clean Design
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready Layout
  • Simple Installation and One-Click Demo Import
  • Powerful Customization Options
  • AJAX WooCommerce Features
  • Beautiful Product Grid Layouts
  • Header & Footer Builder Powered By Elementor
  • Built-in Ajax Search Option
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • Add-ons for performing advanced SEO
  • Live chat functionality for customer support (including WhatsApp)
  • Integration with Amazon
  • Selling add-on packs with a goal in mind.feature

Karte offers great capabilities for editing and customizing your online store. You must take into account the additional cost of purchasing and installing these add-ons or extensions, as well as the compatibility between them. We will see the general costs in a later section.

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Functionalities and features

We have briefly seen how a new product is added on WooComerce platforms. Now, we are going to see a list of what you can do with your online store hosted on one platform or another. Here we highlight some of the functions that we explain in more detail in other sections of the article.

Karte has complete management of cross-selling and up-selling, that is, the configuration of sales blocks for complimentary products, in relation to what the client was looking for on the one hand, and products of a higher value than initially planned for others.

It also has the following options:
  • Mobile Optimizemobile
  • Add product carousels
  • Flexible coupons with price rules
  • Order Quantity Discounts
  • Advanced search function using Elasticsearch
  • Advanced integration with the shopping cart and payment gateways
  • Landing page for specific product categories
  • Segmentation of your clientele
  • Meta information of your products
  • Categories and content pages
  • Control of multiple stores from a single control panel
  • 100% customizable themes
  • virtual products
  • Products configurable in size and color
  • Unlimited Product Attributes.
  • Zoom functionality when hovering your mouse on a product image.

Awesome featuresThe checkout can be done on a single page. Here you can also make the purchase as a guest without the need to create or have a previous account. Finally, it has integration with PayPal, support for multiple languages, currencies and different taxes, as well as integration with Google Analytics and mobile adaptability.

It has the sending of emails after abandoning the shopping cart, SEO functions with meta titles and meta descriptions, support with Google Rich snippets ( add-on to control what type of information we send to Google as a priority) and integration with MailChimp.

The features of Karte are too many to list in this article. If you have doubts about any of them, we recommend you visit the respective ThemeForest web pages, where both have all the functionalities summarized in a complete list.
However, this summary serves as an example to understand everything we can do with our online store.

Help to choose the “Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme”

At this point, you may have a little mess with the differences between a WooCommerce theme or template and what is a page builder or a framework.

Solving this very technical issue is not the objective of this post. All we want is to help you make a decision based on the situation you are in at the moment.

Let’s see if we can do it by synthesizing everything we have told you in this article:

Do you are starting, you hardly know what a WooCommerce theme is and you do not need it yet at the business level, choose a free theme from its repository and learn little by little.

If you are looking to make a simple and WooCommerce website but don’t mind encountering certain limitations, buy a WooCommerce theme at ThemeForest.

Do you want a website with strong foundations with the option of modifications that may arise later, use Karte? You can combine it with mockups if you are looking for more customizations. If you want to do it yourself, we can help you with this online course to create your own WooCommerce theme in which we include everything.header and footer design

If you need a professional website for your business, the best option is the Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme. In this case, you will have the template for paid and the only thing you will have to pay is the layout designer. Although if you order it from us, we will include all the necessary licenses.

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In a simplified way, we could say that a Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme (also called a theme) is the basis of a web page created with the WooCommerce content management system. A tool, therefore, is essential to configure the structure and design of your page if you decide on this CMS (for us the best) due to the enormous advantages of the “Karte – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme review.” If you have any questions, ask us.

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