In the previous parts of our guide to using your new eCommerce on Shopify. We have long focused on the introductory aspects of this platform, and on the more functional aspects of setting up the store. Well, now is the time to take a very important step: upload and publish your first new product on your site!

Let’s find out together, with a guide that will help you to understand “How to upload products on Shopify? In just a few seconds. Offering your potential customers a wealth of information that will improve the effectiveness of marketing actions.

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How to upload products on Shopify?

The premise that we want to share with you can only please you: uploading and publishing new products on Shopify. It is extremely simple and intuitive. And the wizard will allow you not to need much help in preparing your personal catalog. It is no coincidence that this platform is increasingly chosen by e-commerce “newbies”.

Or by those people who do not have a great previous experience in electronic commerce (and more generally in the management of online business projects). But not they certainly want to forgo the possibility of achieving their own success with these initiatives.

And if you are already familiar with publishing content online, you are another step forward! The platform for publishing products on Shopify is in fact quite easy to manage. And you will certainly have no problem juggling the various options that the portal will make available to you.

Upload a new product on the Shopify store

The first step is to Upload a new product on your Shopify store. To do this, log into your dashboard and click on ” Products “, which you can find in the menu on the left. A short submenu will open to you, at least for the moment. We choose to neglect, in order to concentrate on the “main” entrance door.

The screen should show you the list of products that are currently available in your online store. Clearly, if you have never had the opportunity to Upload a product previously. The screen will not show you any “previous”. If, on the other hand, this is not your first access to the procedure.

Then you will find the previously created products in this section. Considering we’re guessing this is your first attempt at creating a product on Shopify. You probably won’t find any entries.

Then click on the button at the top right ” Add Product ” that you find in the central part of the new page. And you will find yourself in front of the product insertion mask.

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Adding Products to upload it on Shopify

What to do now? As you can well imagine, you will have to insert some fundamental elements in order to characterize and present your goods in the best possible way. The platform for introducing new products is however rather elementary. And the clarity of the various fields to be filled in will allow you not to generate too much confusion.

We also take this opportunity to remind you that on the Shopify website there is a guide that, step by step, will be able to answer all your doubts about the functioning of the platform. And you can therefore use it to solve any perplexity.

For now, focus your efforts on the main part of the screen, with elements to enhance such as:


The title is the “title” of the product, generally corresponding to its name and brand. In fact – we’ll talk about this in another part of our guides. There are some “guidelines” you should take to get the best out of your product titles and make this simple element turn into a fantastic tool to sell more.


The description is the description of the product, in which you can enter all the most relevant information for the end-user. Try to be precise and punctual, focusing on the technical and functional specifications. On the design aspects and on everything you think is useful to the end customer in order to improve their knowledge of the product. If you wish, you can insert tables, images, videos and much more.

In short, as you are probably already guessing, this is the part that will allow you to improve the description of your product, and share with current and potential customers those information values. It can make you stand out from the competition. And let the customer understand that you have the right product. Meet his needs.


It is the field that contains one or more photos of the product (don’t worry, if you insert more than one a gallery will be created automatically).

After this first phase of entering basic information about your product, we can dedicate ourselves to some additional information that will improve (and by far!) The effectiveness of your proposition on your e-commerce. So move your gaze to the right side of the page, where there are some product sheet customization options that we advise you not to underestimate.

What if I need more help?

At this point in our guide, you have probably realized how simple it can be to upload new products with Shopify. And how fun it can be to customize your catalog of goods and services.

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However, if you need further help on very specific aspects, know that Shopify is constantly by your side in identifying the best solutions for your commercial management needs.

You will arrive in the section dedicated to Shopify’s interactive guide, where you can find all the most useful information to be able to customize the activities of placing goods in your online showcase.


And if you want some more precise feedback, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to share with you and with all our readers all the clarifications on the activities of insertion and publication of products within the eCommerce created with Shopify. It allows you to improve your experience of using the services of this operator in an even more satisfactory way. Good day!

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