Do you want to earn money working from home?  5 Methods to Make Money with WordPress without Complications.
Look no further, something that has helped many to earn extra money is creating a WordPress blog.
But perhaps you ask How to Make Money with a WordPress blog? We will show you what you must do to be successful and generate money with this tool.

Steps you must take before you start making money with your blog

  • Decide which market niche you are going to target.
  • Research what keywords you have to attack.
  • Buy a domain.
  • Hire a hosting.
  • Proceed to build the blog with WordPress and upload the content in it.

Do you have a project in mind

5 Methods to Make Money with WordPress

Become a developer and offer a service

In the WordPress platform, many developers and programmers specialize to offer their services. Some of these services could be:

  • Create and develop plugins.
  • You can create all kinds of websites.
  • Create and develop templates or themes for the platform.
  • Creation of WooCommerce extensions, virtual stores, etc.
  • Create WordPress backup and security services.
  • Manage projects with WordPress.

Learn to develop and sell plugins

Something that allows WordPress to be a flexible platform and that can help create any project is plugins. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of these, I present some options:

  • If you are a developer yourself, you can create and sell your own plugins.
  • You can create plugins as services for agencies, clients and companies that require it.
  • If you have a lot of useful plugin ideas and want to create them, you can hire a programming team or delegate that work to other WordPress developers elsewhere.
    You can offer face-to-face training.

A good way to use WordPress tools is to offer face-to-face training for others to learn how to use WordPress. Although you see it as a bit difficult, since you need a good study plan, space and know what you are going to teach, it is not that difficult. If you do it in a proper way you can make money.

Do you have a project in mind

Offers web design services to Make Money with WordPress

If you have experience in web design you can offer your services to design web pages, templates, blogs or also plugin interfaces.

Learn to create your own theme

Templates and themes are another important part of WordPress, there are many that have been sold and have generated thousands of dollars such as Theme Forest, Elegant Themes and Woothemes. Therefore, if you want to make money, learn to create your own theme and offer the service to people who need it.

You can charge for making websites or managing projects

If you have enough experience in WordPress, then you can offer the services to create sites in WordPress. In addition, you can create membership portals, blogs and any type of website that you can make with the platform. You can start little by little, as you grow your portfolio will position itself and you will start to earn money.

Design and sell applications

Applications are a market that is constantly developing. Therefore, if you have a good idea, you can design a free application so that you can later develop a premium paid version. It is good that you have versions for Android and IOS operating systems.

You can sell photos and graphics on your blog

Selling the photographs and graphics will depend on your market niche, if you are in the graphic design sector you could sell the photographs through the affiliate program of one of the most important image banks that exist.

Create an information product or course

In WordPress, there are various themes where people want to learn certain skills, how to use some of them, how to take advantage or even how to apply a plugin.

Sell the Ebooks

If during all the time you have had the blog you have generated a lot of quality content, you could make a compilation of all, separate it into different ebooks and then create an ebook sales business. On the other hand, you can use them to hook visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or for other things. You just have to have quality content and spend a little time grouping them in ebook pdf format.

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Affiliate programs

These programs are great for making money from a WordPress blog. In case you talk about topics such as consumer electronics and technology on your blog, you can open an affiliate account on Amazon and start promoting the different products they sell there.
Something that works very well in programming, technology, and software sites is affiliate systems. These allow you to earn money promoting hosting companies.

Items that are paid for

If you have a popular site, you could receive proposals from companies to publish some articles on your website, these are called paid posts or sponsored reviews. Most of them generally ask that you publish the article in exchange for money and that it include one or more links that direct them to the advertiser’s site. It is very important that you stand out when it is a paid item or when it is natural.

Adsense Advertising

Something good to monetize your blog is to use the Google Adsense program, however, in some cases, it is not the ideal option. Since, depending on the type of niche you exploit, whether it will serve you or not, since there are issues that can be paid better than others when choosing the advertising to be displayed on your website.

Sell advertising directly

If you have a person who works selling advertising for your blog or if your blog is known and advertisers manage to contact you directly, you can start negotiating the price of all your spaces with advertisers. By doing it this way, you would not pay the Google commission, however, you must take care of getting the customer, selling him, making him the invoice and charging him.

In short, there are many options on how to make money with a blog in WordPress and only here are some of them. Therefore, following the 5 Methods to Make Money with WordPress from now. You will see that you will generate a large amount of money in a simple way.

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