You are here to know the name of the best free WordPress speed plugin. There are many plugins to accelerate 200% loading in WordPress.

Does it make you lose sleep thinking about how you can speed up the loading of your website? For many, it is a problem since this is an important factor if you want to succeed on a website. Therefore, we will show you some plugins to speed up the loading in WordPress that will help you enormously.

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What can slow loading speed do?

This can increase the bounce rate of the website and at the same time reduce the time of visitation, as users will fatigue. This could negatively affect the positioning of the website.

Elements that you must comply with so that they do not negatively affect the speed of WordPress

  • You must optimize the images.
  • Update templates and plugins.
  • Take into account the page cache.
  • You must have a hosting service with excellent performance.
  • Minimize, combine, and optimize CSS, JS, and HTML.

Things that affect the loading of web content

  • Hosting: This can be partly to blame for the loading speed of your website, it can be for two things the location where you are and the technology you are using to add content to the page.
  • Templates: There are templates that are simple but have a very slow loading speed, this is due to poor optimization.
  • The plugins: You should use the plugins that you really need and uninstall those that are not being used, as they can affect the performance of WordPress.

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8 Best free WordPress speed plugin

Here are 8 Plugins to speed up WordPress loading…


This plugin is easy to use, it is very good at compressing and minifying files such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Apart from this, it has a cache for compressed files making the loading process faster. In addition, it offers the option of attaching a CDN.

P3 Plugin Performance Profile

This is responsible for ordering all the information of the plugins that you have installed on your site. With it, you can enter them through a report that is cataloged based on optimization. It is ideal to know which one you have to replace in order to improve the loading speed of your website.


This plugin improves the loading times of the web page, it also allows you to deactivate some options that WordPress has enabled and that is not really necessary for some sites. Another thing that slows down the page is HTTP requests which are not necessary, therefore, this plugin allows disabling these scripts per page. This means that you can prevent all plugins from starting to load code where it is not needed.

WP Rocket

This will help to reduce the loading time of the web page and its optimization, through an advanced configuration of cache, file compression and lazy loading. Also, it will reduce the overall complexity of the website by reducing the weight of all files. Some advantages of these plugins are:

  • Is more simple
    This is easier to configure, from the first moment you activate it, it starts working and allows your website to be much faster.
  • It has good support
    In the configuration, you will find support tabs, documentation and frequently asked questions. Since it is a premium plugin that is licensed annually, you will have support as long as you have the license.
  • It has several plugins in one
    This plugin does what you can only achieve by using a combination of several free plugins at the same time.
    This is not only easy to use but also has an administration panel that is easy for the user to understand.

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W3 Total Cache

It is designed to increase the loading speed and performance of WordPress and optimize the user experience. This will help it stay on your website for longer. In addition to this, it has functions to significantly reduce the download times of your page. Some of the features of this plugin are:

  • It has the ability to import files directly to the WordPress library or to a CDN.
  • It has full support for mobiles.
  • Minimize multiple file types such as JavaScript, HTTP, and CSS, as well as databases.


Images are known to be necessary for a web page, as they provide information on their own. The higher the quality of the image, the better the user experience will be, however, this affects the loading speed of your site. This is where the Smush it plugin takes care of reducing the size of all images without losing their original quality.

WP Minify

CSS and JS files are very heavy and can slow down the loading speed of the website. Therefore, this plugin is used to combine and compress these files, thus improving the loading time of the online site. This plugin gives the option to disable CSS or JavaScript compression if any conflict is found.

WP Super Cache

It is capable of modifying dynamic pages and making them fixed, by doing so it reduces the loading process of the web page. Some of its functions are:

  • Automatic compression of the pages.
  • Works with CDN.
  • It is compatible with electronic devices.
  • It has basic cache scheduling functions.
  • Tricks that will help your WordPress to be optimal
  • You must deactivate all the plugins you have and activate them one by one, if you do, you will accelerate the loading speed.
  • Fully optimize your WordPress with a generic plugin.
  • You must optimize the images, this will help boost the loading of your site.
  • Check and remove the plugins that you are not using to improve your website.

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Ultimately, the loading speed of your website depends on its optimization and everything you save on it. Therefore, keep these best free WordPress speed plugin. If you do the loading speed will be correct so that more users benefit from your business or information.

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