QUICK SUMMARY: If you are exploring how to become a Shopify Plus partner, you are welcome to Shopify business giant. It’s a promising platform for around 01 million eCommerce store sites. Such a massive platform Shopify connects so many people together- developers, designers, businessmen, contributors, and other partners. You are lucky enough you are already trying to become a Shopify Plus partner.

Let me show you step by step why and how you can contribute to such a big community through Shopify plus partner program.

Basic Shopify Partner Program

Basic Shopify partner program is the first or initial step of partnership with Shopify. Individuals who want to support eCommerce stores worldwide can join under this program. Shopify web developers, theme designers, and marketing professionals are the main focus of this program. It’s just the starting and once someone can prove the other requirements, he or she is always welcome to the Shopify plus partnership program.

A Shopify partner program member can monetize in three ways-

Let’s discuss how you can make money from these:

If you refer someone to open a Shopify store, you will get a commission of 10-15% on all the subscriptions he/she will do in Shopify.

On the other hand, once you start developing themes and apps and try them selling in Shopify stores, you will get 70-80% of the total earnings from your developed products.

Shopify life for $1/month

Additional Facilities:

Apart from the financial benefit, as a Shopify Partner, you will have access to some advanced Shopify materials. Shopify Partner Academy offers training programs with certification. It will strengthen your personal portfolio. In addition, you will get direct support to grow your business with the Shopify store. Access to new features, marketing tools, and a big community will be a huge advantage for you. 

Joining opportunity:

Shopify partner program is free to join. Along with the free partnership, you can open unlimited test stores in Shopify. Do not make late to join the Shopify partner program. Create your own account soon and enjoy the opportunity.

What Shopify Plus Partner Program is!

Shopify plus partner program is entitled to those who want to make one step advanced contribution to the Shopify merchants. Shopify partner programs will always be heading to scale the product quality, performance, service, and privacy. It always encourages its partners to fulfill any advanced requirement of its valued merchants.

To uphold the world-class business solutions, Shopify engages partners as below-

  • Design and development teams
  • Digital marketing consultancies
  • System integrators
  • Enterprise consultants

Once you are enrolled in Shopify plus partner program, you have a wide variety of areas where you can contribute to the merchant to grow their business more than ever. Let’s see some of the pinpoint areas that you can put your traces-

  • Custom website development
  • Platform migration
  • Branding, marketing 
  • Setting up strategy
  • Introducing creative UI & UX 
  • System and app integrations
  • ERP(Enterprise resource planning)
  • Digital marketing plans & solutions
  • Customized business plan and consultation

These are the choices. Now it’s your turn to nail down the best one from these.

Alright! We have already known about the program and what contributions we can make. But, don’t forget about how, as a partner of Shopify plus program, you could be benefited-

Shopify Plus Partners receive several benefits as part of the program, including:

  • Access to exclusive Shopify Plus training and education, 
  • Inclusion Shopify Plus sales opportunities
  • The opportunity to take part in Shopify Plus marketing activities
  • Handsome earnings from the commission.
  • Support from a big community that is massively transforming the eCommerce industry. 
  • Shopify Plus Partner chat group access.

 Now, let me introduce 04 basic steps of applying for the Shopify Plus Partner program.

Shopify life for $1/month

1. Qualification check:    This program is dedicated to the already proven groups or merchants who have a potential growth rate. Your success story as a basic Shopify partner can play a prime role to prove your eligibility. I would recommend you recheck the qualifications for membership in Shopify plus partner program. To check the qualifications, stick to the end of this article.

2. Application submission: Shopify plus partnership program is an advanced program for the contributors. So, it requires a comprehensive application from the candidates. Make sure you have filled up the application exhaustively and double-check before final submission. 

3. Waiting for review: Once you have submitted your application, your information and qualification will be under review. Just wait for their feedback. Only, if you are selected, they will contact you.

4. Attending meetings: Get ready for interviews or meetings with Shopify representatives. Meetings could be on the terms and conditions of Shopify plus partnership program, or they can ask you to explain your plan, how you can add value to Shopify. 

However, upon all the necessary scrutiny, they will officially confirm your membership.

How to qualify for the Shopify Plus Partner Program

Go through the below requirements before you submit your application for the Shopify partner program. Your qualification will be checked under these basic requisitions. 

Thanks to Shopify, they have manifested the criteria and guarantee any applicant’s acceptance if they can meet these requisitions. However, though these are the basic conditions, these may vary according to location, types of contribution you want to make, and other business factors. 

  • Proven working experience with proliferating enterprise merchants
  • Your business has gained its identity publicly and nurturing high-thought-of commercial aspects. 
  • Your business has molded commerce knowledge with strong technical skills. 
  • Your business ensures end-to-end services and possesses proper bandwidth to reach multiple complex solutions in due time. 
  • Your business has a well-furnished portfolio with a track record.

Ongoing qualifications

Things are not like, once you got your membership in Shopify plus partnership program and you will have it forever. To retain the membership you have to maintain the below ongoing qualifications-

  • A positive review from contemporary Shopify Plus merchants
  • Quality store building skills, sites with competitive speed, and excellent accessibility.
  • Partners should be strongly glued to the best practices to develop Shopify products. 
  • Tying to be an integral part of the Shopify community and introduce new thoughts to bring Shopify towards the horizon.

Hope the above discussion has introduced you appropriately to the Shopify plus partner program. I hope you have got a better understanding and checked your attributes. If you think you’re worth being a Shopify Plus partner, apply for sure.   Now comes- How to apply!

Do you have a project in mind

There are six pages or steps of the form fill-up procedure. Fill up the fields with valid information. Phone numbers, email, and other information should be absolutely correct because anything can be reviewed by the Shopify authority. 

Please, do recheck every information before you submit it finally. Once you are finished with it, wait until you are further contacted by the Shopify team. 

Hope you have enjoyed the blog and are quite aware of how to become a Shopify Plus partner. Best wishes for your journey to the Shopify plus partner program.

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