Should I use WordPress for my business website? Yes, of course, Not convincing to use WordPress for your web design? Thinking of making a free website on Wix or Ionos? Before you make that big mistake, we are going to explain why you should trust WordPress as the manager of your new website and what can a web design agency like ours offer you to take your internet business to another level?

Should I use WordPress for my business website?

Know the main 10 reasons why you should use WordPress for your business.

WordPress evolves with your business.

A very recurring question among our clients is, can I add an online store to my WordPress later? Of course, you do, and a directory, and a reservation and appointment management system. What comes to mind is you can either because you have it available as a plugin, or because we can develop it to measure. But WordPress has no limits in terms of functionality.

Connect WordPress with your favorite marketing tools

You can connect your WordPress website with your favorite marketing tools like Google Analytics or Mailchimp through plugins or by inserting code. In this way, WordPress offers you marketing tools that will allow you to analyze how your visitors interact with your website or improve sales through advanced marketing tools such as newsletters.

WordPress allows you to implement SEO on-page easily

Thanks to plugins like RanktMath or Yoast Seo you can easily implement SEO on your website. WordPress comes prepared to introduce alternative tags to your images and has innumerable plugins that, when used well, improve the positioning of your website. As we always say, not everything is designed, your website must also be prepared to position itself and with WordPress, you have it easy. We always recommend having an SEO expert correctly implement your strategy.

Great no-code design tools

Until a few years ago WordPress was synonymous with the blog. That has already changed thanks to page builders. WordPress today has magnificent web design tools with which to create everything you can imagine. In addition, WordPress is fully customizable with CSS, HTML and Javascript even without using the aforementioned constructors. Making a website that reflects the essence of your business and converts is not easy, our web design agency in BD can help you create the website that your business needs, find out now.

One of the great advantages that WordPress offers is its intuitive interface.

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WordPress loads fast if you configure it correctly

The so-called WPO (WordPress Optimization ) is not an easy task if you do not choose a suitable template and plugins from the beginning. We recommend that you don’t obsess over the Page Speed Insights score. The important thing is that your website is optimized and takes less than 2 seconds to load. For this, there is nothing like optimizing the code, using a quality server and choosing an efficient cache system that does not produce errors on your website.

WordPress is used in 30% of the world’s websites

Not only that, 60% of the websites made in CMS (content managers) are WordPress. This inevitably means that if you have a problem with your WordPress website, you will have technical support, forums, articles … to solve that problem. The next CMS after WordPress is Joomla, with a 7% market share. A CMS with which we also work at EntreBits due to its versatility but which has a longer learning curve. Let’s see what that learning curve is.

WordPress is the CMS with the lowest learning curve

Let’s say that if you are looking for a self-managed website, WordPress makes it easy for you. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful reasons that lead our clients to choose WordPress to make their website. The average duration of our training after finishing a website is 1 to 2 hours. The arrival of page builders such as Elementor or Divi makes it easy to manage your website, although they do not replace designers, since for that you have to understand the needs of your customers, analyze the competition and create a design that converts. And a cafeteria template doesn’t have to work for your business.

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High availability of specialized hosting

Another advantage is that you will find multiple specialized WordPress hosting. From high-quality hostings with specialized support to cheaper ones for those who are just starting out and do not want large costs. With our experience, we can recommend the correct hosting for your WordPress. Not all installations require the same type of hosting, everything depends on the traffic that your website supports, the number of plugins, even the characteristics of the machine (RAM, CPUs …)

Do you need specific functionality for your WordPress website? You have it

And you have it thanks to its wide market of plugins and widgets that allow you to enrich your WordPress page with new functionalities. There are currently about 56,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, much more than we find in its closest competitor Joomla with 8,000 components. Most of the plugins are updated with new functionalities, which allows your website to always be up to date with the latest technology. What is a great advantage? The limits of your website in WordPress are up to you.

WordPress allows you to convert your website into an online store whenever you want. If you want to know more, know our service for converting your WP page into an online store.

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WordPress is multilanguage.

WordPress is available in 167 languages. Also, if you want to have your website or online store in several languages, you can through the free Polylang plugin or our favorite, the WPML plugin, This last plugin allows, among others, the automatic detection of chains of themes and plugins or the management of the translation by part of third parties.

Bonus: Most importantly, your website.

What do we mean, since the codes and content are yours and if in the future you want to create a new section, or carry out a redesign, you will not have to pay more for it? If you want to change platforms, you can redirect to avoid being penalized by Google.

As you time there are many reasons in 2021 to choose WordPress as a support for your website.


If you again asked me “Should I use WordPress for my business website?” Now I tell you that decision is yours. Please leave a comment in the below box.

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