How to create slider in WordPress, do you want to know? If I think of the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”. I always think that “a presentation is worth a thousand images”.

Usually, the topic of presentations is not touched on the web. Since we have always related it to exhibitions, business talks, or classwork. There are also many tools that generate very dynamic presentations with great results.

However, you may be interested in using something similar to “PowerPoint”, but on your WordPress website. And in this article, I analyze a plugin to create presentations that have nothing to envy to those we already know all our lives.

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Advantages of using WordPress to create slider

First, you need to know How to create slider in WordPress. Before mentioning the advantages of having a plugin to make presentations on your WordPress website. I have to warn of two things:

  • The first is that the plugin that I bring you has not sent me a blackleg ham to speak well about it. I present it to you in this article. Because I consider that it is very useful, for very specific segments. And it may be that if you are reading this article. It is because the title has caught your attention. As it is what you are looking to do on your website.
  • Everything is on your website, and you control all the possibilities it offers. And to get into the advantages offered by WordPress presentations. I have separated them into two types: for your website, and for your users.

Advantages for your website

Being presentations created directly on your website. Just as you would create any other type of content such as a page or a post, will help you at the SEO level.

You will be able to have all the presentations well organized. And always available to be edited at any time since they will be hosted on your own website.

Advantages for your visits

They will increase their visit time on your website. Because they will read the presentations directly on it.

How to create slider in WordPress

Like creating a slider in WordPress we use it to attract the user’s attention and stand out from the competition.

Creating presentations within your website can be a plus point that makes users stay longer on your page and choose you to you. But enough of explaining the theory and let’s go to practice.

Next, I bring you a complete analysis of the plugin called Slides & Presentations. And I accompany it with a couple of video tutorials that you will find a little further down.

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Slides & Presentations Plugin

As I just pointed out, the plugin is called Slide. And you can find it for free in the official WordPress plugin repository.

Generally speaking, the plugin works as follows:

  • A new Custom Post Type is created on your website, called Presentations. (Remember that the CPT you already know is Posts and Pages, which come by default in a WordPress installation).
  • A block is added to the Gutenberg editor, in that same newly created Custom Post Type. And this point is important. Because if you have the “classic editor” activated, the plugin will not work correctly.
  • Characteristic elements of any presentation can be added to each slide, which we will see below.
  • As advanced options, it also offers you the possibility of adding your own CSS code, and your own fonts.
  • It gives you the possibility to add ” notes for the presenter ” ( speaker notes ), as it is done in traditional presentations.

As you can see, the Slides & Presentations plugin is very complete. And we are now going to see point by point all the options that it offers right out of the box.

Title and content

When you start to create a presentation, the look is a bit familiar. Since you will know directly where the title of the presentation goes, and where the slides (slides) start.

Speaker notes

In the presentation creation interface, you will see some options or others. Depending on which section you are in.

  • When you click on its title, some general presentation options appear.
  • When you click on a slide, options specific to that slide appear.
  • When you click on a block within a slide, you will see the options for that particular block.
  • Next, I bring you, listed, the general options of the presentation.

1. Slide dimensions (Setup)

You can choose what dimensions you want for your presentation. You can choose between 4: 3, or 16: 9.
As more advanced options you can choose horizontal and vertical padding.

2. Base Font

Here you can select the size of the general typeface, the font to use, and the general color (it gives you the option to select a custom one).

3. Heading Font

Choose the family font and size for the titles here.

4. Background of the slides (Background)

The default background color for all slides.

5. Background Image

Default background image for all slides.

6. Color Palette

You can enter the custom values of your color palette here. And when updating the presentation, you will see them “eligible” in the color palette.

7. Custom CSS

If you like more to handle the CSS code in WordPress, you can do it here.

8. Type of transitions (Transition)

It allows you to configure three elements for the transition of your presentation. The style of the transition, transition of the bottom of the slide and the speed of the same.

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9. Controls

Add interactive elements to the presentation, such as a ” progress bar ” and navigation arrows to scroll through the slides.

10. PDF (Experimental)

Export the presentation to a PDF file (currently in the experimental phase).

11. Cover image of the presentation

Add what will be the main image of the presentation (as it works with pages and posts).

12. Excerpt from the presentation

Add a brief description of the presentation here. A sentence that summarizes what it is about.


In this case, we have discovered a plugin that will allow us to create presentations in the purest “PowerPoint” style. But with the advantage of being able to do them natively from our WordPress website.

I hope this article has been of great use to you if you are one of those who need presentations of this type on your website. And if not, thank you for reading it. Because you want to know how to create slider in WordPress.

Please, if you like our article, you can leave a comment about our post. Hope you love to read it.

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