We don’t want to delve too deeply into the specific costs of each plan in this article, as our goal is to tell you “Why should I upgrade to Shopify plus? But you do have to keep in mind that Shopify takes a small percentage of transfers for credit card payments. Depending on the chosen plan, that percentage varies slightly.

Your payment gateway, Shopify Payments, will take care of payment and collection management, as well as its security. While on other e-commerce platforms you have to worry about every aspect of it, on Shopify it’s almost automatic.

On the other hand, there is another plan called Shopify Lite, specifically designed to sell through your Facebook page with a shiny new buy button. It is a very cheap plan and at the same time allows access to a potential clientele of millions of users, offering personalized support through Messenger. Comfortable and simple.

While you may already know all of this, you may also be starting to wonder what Shopify Plus can offer you. Are you still curious? Continue reading.

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Why should I upgrade to Shopify plus?

Some consider Shopify Plus to be a platform within a platform, as it is a major leap in your Shopify subscription. If our business has significant relevance and volume, it is the best option to get the most out of our online sales experience.

Let’s think of Shopify Plus as the enterprise version. We can give it any modern name but the idea is clear: it is the most complete version of the.

On the other hand, the process to purchase Shopify Plus is not as simple as in one of the subscription plans mentioned above. If you want to take the leap, you can contact WebRito and we will advise you at all times.

This process is due to the fact that Shopify Plus is both a subscription plan and a close collaboration with the platform, something like entering a select club. In the next section, we will see more functionalities in this regard and this point will make more sense.

Introduction to Shopify Plus

For many people, the regular Shopify plans are enough. For others, Shopify Plus comes across as a more complete solution for their needs.

Shopify allows you to contract a hosting and domain without having to worry about traffic since its servers are more than enough even in times of high volume such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Regardless of the contracted plan, it will allow you great control over your sales, design, international shipments and extra features.

So the most direct question we can ask here is: Who is Shopify Plus for? The answer is simple: for businesses that are growing rapidly and have significant sales volume. In general, from one million euros in annual sales.

This version of the famous e-commerce platform is constantly monitored and updated to make the most of its functions. It is robust and reliable.

Keep in mind that the minimum you are going to pay per month is approximately $2,000, so your business has to manage some relevant figures to be able to afford it and, of course, want some of the features it offers. Who wants something, it costs something.

Examples of online stores using Shopify Plus are the following:

  • bulletproof
  • skinnydip London
  • Fashion Nova

Shopify Plus Features

Shopify and Shopify Plus work in a very similar way. Both are intuitive and constantly up to date. The fundamental difference lies in the potential of Plus and what it can do.

In this sense, Shopify Plus has the following features, some of which make a big difference compared to standard plans. Let’s see them.

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Cost and service fees of Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus business model is based on your monthly sales through the platform, starting with a minimum of $2,000 per month.

From posting sales of more than $800,000 per month, you will start charging 0.25% of them until you reach a cap of $40,000. That is, you will never pay less than $2,000 but never more than $40,000. Seen in a more schematic way:

  • Billing up to $800,000 per year: $2,000 per month (minimum)
  • With $1,000,000 per year: $2,500 per month
  • With $5,000,000 per year: $12,500 per month
  • In With $12,000,000 per year: $30,000 per month
  • And With $16,000,000 per year and above: $40,000 per month (maximum)

Basically, the costs are justified in that the more you sell through Shopify, the more support and advice you will need and the more capacity you will consume from the servers.

For making payments without Shopify Payments, Shopify’s standard payment gateway, you will be charged 0.15% on top of your regular payment method transactions, such as when using a standard credit card.

Some merchants use the latter option because they have agreed to lower service fees and commissions with third-party payment methods, even lower than the 0.15% that Shopify Plus offers. And also note that in some countries, Shopify Payments is not yet available.

Great scalability

Shopify Plus is capable of processing over 10,000 transactions per minute and has unlimited bandwidth and products. It works perfectly with large businesses and its scalability is unbeatable. What does this mean?

It means that Shopify Plus can host the largest online businesses you can imagine, not only because of the volume of transactions mentioned above but also because it offers a fast, secure and stable connection every day of the year, even those that are most prone to saturation. a trade.

Your customers will not notice a drop in the performance of your store or slower at key moments. You can focus on growing your business, solely and exclusively. The rest is history.

Complete system for calculating shipping costs

With a standard Shopify plan, you can set shipping costs to be free, fixed, or calculated based on the order in question.

With Shopify Plus you will have access to an even more complete system to modify the shipping costs according to a greater number of variables, such as the content of the order or the minimum amount of the shopping cart.

Expanded international trade

With Shopify Plus you can create additional online stores for international trade.

Let’s take the example that you already sell internationally or that you want to expand to international markets. Each market in each country works differently, either because of culture, customs or because of the language itself.

To do this, Shopify Plus allows you to create “clones” of your online store to offer different aspects of it, prices, languages ​​and specific variations for each region.

Shopify life for $1/month

Script editor and shopping cart customization

Regular plans offer dozens of layouts and the ability to customize different aspects of them.

But what sets Plus apart is that it allows full customization of the shopping cart and order screens to tweak every last detail, something you can’t do with regular Shopify plans.

To do this, Shopify scripts are used, which are specific lines of code to create personalized experiences for your customers when they use the shopping cart and complete the order.

Examples of what you can do with Shopify Plus scripts are as follows:

  • Products with specific discounts according to their classification, offering percentage discounts, fixed discounts, or a combination of both.
  • Carry out promotions that we have all seen in stores, such as “get 2 products for the price of 3”, “buy one and get another as a gift” or “if you buy 10, you will receive a 20% discount”.
  • Hide or modify shipping channels and their different prices.
  • Hide or modify specific payment methods.
  • Offer a dynamic price range depending on the volume purchased, that is, volume discounts.

Personalized help for the integration of your website

It is possible that you already have the online store created, either with Shopify or through another platform.

Either way, Shopify Plus offers personalized help to help you integrate your website seamlessly by helping you with whatever code you need.

The goal is for your store to work perfectly just the way you want it to. Shopify Plus will assign you an agent to help you with the process and anything you need. All on wheels from minute 1.


You might be thinking that all this feature management takes a lot of time and effort, which translates into more money spent in the long run.

Quite the contrary.

In fact, Shopify Plus allows you very efficient store automation so you don’t have to be glued to the screen all day. How does Shopify Flow work?

This built-in module for automation works with conditional formulas, that is, there is a trigger action, a condition and a result.

In other words, the online store will be ready at all times to respond automatically to the different actions that your customers carry out in it. If they perform action X and if this action is Y, then Z occurs.

Think of all these formulas as a set of rules that covers the most common and important aspects of the sale, but also those points that you might want to cover with automation, which are less common.

Examples of automation are the segmentation of your clientele with various labels and the management of your inventory.

To get a better idea, imagine the case in which you want to classify your most frequent customers to offer them personalized promotions to reward their loyalty. One of these formulas would analyze the income obtained by your clients and create an automatic list of the most important ones. Later, you could carry out an email marketing campaign with said clients through the integration of software that we have seen previously.

Another easy way to understand automation is inventory management. If I stay for less than X amount of product A, make an automatic purchase. If I have a high quantity of product B, stop the purchase.

Sounds good, right? Shopify Flow is one of those features that allow you to do more in less time, as opposed to the typical situation where the more sales we have, the more time we need to invest.

Of course, do not forget the personalized attention to your customers. That several processes can be automated does not mean that we do not show a warm and human side on the other side of the screen to help them personally in everything they need, as it could not be otherwise.

Wholesale (B2B)

If wholesale is one of the features of our store, Shopify Plus is also prepared to professionally deal with B2B businesses.

With the Shopify Plus control panel, you can establish a specific and password-protected section for those customers with whom you have a special treatment and thus be able to manage orders in a more personalized way.

Within this control panel, there are all the functionalities prepared to deal with this casuistry: order negotiation, personalized prices for large sales volumes, integration with loyalty programs and a long etcetera.

Shopify Plus’s B2B options are nearly endless.

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Customer Support

All Shopify plans include 24/7 personalized customer support.

The advantage of Shopify Plus is that we have marketing experts at our disposal to help us with the most important aspects of our store, including campaigns, management, and design.

Is Shopify Plus for me?

This is the one million question. We have tried to detail the features of Shopify Plus point by point so that you can see what it can offer you.

It depends on numerous factors:

Will I use the features of Shopify Plus to such an extent that it will make a significant difference to my business?
Am I really interested in using the B2B and multi-channel aspects of my store or is Shopify enough for me?
Am I prepared for the added complexity of using the new Shopify Plus features?
Do I have a sales volume that I consider really important to have an enterprise-level subscription?
Can I easily afford the price of the subscription, as well as all the add-ons that I want to purchase for my store?

Our goal has been to show you the power of Shopify Plus, but only you can decide if you want to take the leap.

Whether you decide to upgrade to Shopify Plus or start a new online store with Shopify subscription plans, don’t hesitate to contact WebRito, so we can lend you an expert hand. We will be here to help you and save you headaches.

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