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How profitable is Shopify dropshipping?

Dropshipping done with Shopify is one of the businesses of the moment. I know dozens of content producers or young influencers who are breaking the bank by selling products.

First, search for the product on AliExpress, copy and insert the images in your store, choose the selling price and promote it online via Facebook or Instagram Ads. Thanks to plugins like Oberlo, the order will arrive directly inside your Shopify dashboard.

Your potential customer will see the promotional video of the product you just entered on your store, click on the link from Instagram or Facebook and will be redirected to your e-commerce, put the product in the cart, enter the shipping details, pay via PayPal or credit card and you can use the money you just received to go and buy the product on AliExpress and have it sent directly to the recipient. Simple.

If you want you can also integrate re-marketing with plugins like Recart or Active Campaign to increase sales even more, but starting from such a simple sales base, you can immediately generate sales that can make this business very profitable.

For example,

if you find a product that costs $3 on AliExpress, you can sell it in your shop for $14.99. You will then have a $12 profit margin for the sale of a product. Therefore, you will have a positive return on investment only if you can sell that product at a cost of less than $ 12 spent on advertising.

For example, if you manage to sell that product for every $ 6 spent in Facebook Ads, then you will have a profit of € 6 per sale. This means that you will have achieved a 100% ROI. If you spend $ 6 on advertising, you will get a net profit of $ 6. A good result.

Once you have found a winning product (which gives you a positive ROI) you can begin to scale the ad campaign and get more revenue.

The speech is easy enough to understand. If so far you have spent $ 12 a day on advertising to sell 2 products and get a total revenue of $ 29.98 with a net profit of about $ 12. So why not spend $ 24 from the next day and sell 4 products to make a profit of around $ 24?

This is the scalability that can be achieved with Ads (both from Google and Facebook) and e-commerce with Shopify in dropshipping.

Shopify life for $1/month

How to make $ 1,000 a day on Shopify?

You should multiply your daily advertising investment until you get a net income of $1,000 per day.
Having a 100% ROI, you should spend $ 1,000 a day to get $ 1,000 in net income.
These figures might seem high, you could, for example, say “Who has $ 1,000 to spend per day?”, But the beauty of drop shipping e-commerce is this.

It is possible to start with a limited budget, with a 3$-10 $ daily budget, but once your budget is over, what will you do? Will you stop the flow? Will you stop the cash flow?

Not with Shopify. Because whatever product you sell you will instantly get the money from the person who made the purchase. You will find the money directly in your PayPal or Stripe account. Money that you can reuse for advertising and be able to quickly scale the campaign up to three-zero figures.

It should be noted that Stripe and Paypal (which accept payments by credit card) will have a delay of a few days before sending you the money in your current account.

Certainly, there will be obstacles while growing up. Cash flow (especially at the beginning) will not be 100% fluid, but dropshipping e-commerce is one of the easiest businesses to scale even with small budgets.
There are many case studies of people who have managed to make even more than $ 100,000 a month thanks to Shopify and dropshipping.

Will it be challenging?

Obviously. The more you grow, the more orders you will receive, the more your support emails will increase. Some packages will not arrive or arrive late, some will not like the product, you will have to refund, service and many other things. The choice of how far to push and how far to expand this business model is up to you.

If you see that your e-commerce is getting bigger and more and more orders are made, to move forward, you will surely need a VA, a virtual assistant who can manage all orders and provide assistance via email.
If your numbers are large, you will even have to find yourself hiring staff.


What to Sell on Shopify? Where to find ideas for a winning product?

There are many products you can sell in your store. In this article, we mainly focus on dropshipping with products from AliExpress.

If you already have a product of your own that you want to sell through Shopify, you won’t have to worry about finding the winning idea, finding product images, and testing. What if you have no idea what to sell?
You can see some of the attractive ideas and products by just browsing on Facebook. You’ve probably seen some ADS with products that say “Wow, this cool gadget. I want”.

If you see that that video has received a lot of likes, comments and shares, it means that the product is selling. Click on the link you see in that video and check if you will be redirected to a Shopify e-commerce site (you can find out by right-clicking and viewing “Page Source” and looking for “Shopify” in the code). If you find that that product is being sold through a Shopify eCommerce store then you have an idea of what to sell.

Clicking on that Facebook ad activates the Facebook pixel. Now that Facebook has seen that you like those kinds of products, it will show you similar products in your timeline from now on. All ideas that you could copy or take inspiration from.

The products will almost always be found in AliExpress. If not, it will take very little to find out where to find the supplier. A simple “Search for Images” on Google will almost certainly give you the solution.

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In addition to this method, there are many others for finding products. Like going to AliExpress and seeing the best-selling products in the last 30 days. Now you know “How profitable is Shopify dropshipping?” And if you have any more questions, please let us know by commenting. Thank you.

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