You have already created your website and everything has been as you wish, but one day you enter the administration panel and notice that it is a little orange balloon that notifies you that you must update something.

At that moment you must consider whether or not to update and risk a computer attack, what should you do? If you have the best free WordPress backup plugin, you can do the first option without any fear.

But if you don’t have it, it is for that reason that you need to know about the backup plugin, and thus choose the one that best suits your website.

Features of the best backup plugins for WordPress

  • Programmable: You must be able to configure it to make backup copies automatically. If the plugin requires you to do the copy manually, you better look for another more useful option.
  • Outside the hosting: In case the server crashes and the backup is stored in it, it will be catastrophic. For that reason, you should look for one that allows you to save your files in services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, which will better protect your progress and work.
  • Full copy: WordPress is divided into the database and the files, you must make sure that the plugin you install creates the copy of both parts.

Best free WordPress backup plugin

Duplicator: Backup plugin

With almost a million installations Duplicator has earned a reputation as a very high-quality plugin, with constant updates. Its main use is to create backup copies. As its name “Duplicator” says, this tool is focused on people who want to migrate websites to another server in a simple way without further complication.

The features of Duplicator are:

  • Make programmable backups.
  • Store all the information you require in the cloud.
  • You can choose between full backups or a specific file.

BackWPup: Best free WordPress backup plugin

BackWPup is a program that is fully recognized as the best WordPress backup plugin that you can install. You can use this backup tool to save your entire installation and upload it to a totally external service such as FTP, S3 and Dropbox.

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The features of BackWPup are:

  • Automatic backups.
  • Possibility of uploading backups to Google Drive in its Premium version, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox and AmazonS3.
  • It checks the database.
  • Technical support.
  • Updates continuously.
  • Copies of various websites.
  • Create a list of all the plugins you use.


VaultPress is run by Matt Mullenweg, who knows the CMS and guarantees that the plugin will do an excellent job on your website when it comes to backups. The VaultPress tool is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress backup plugins out there. This backup program fulfills all the necessary features in one plugin.

The VaultPress features are:

  • The program performs a scan for viruses.
  • Es Anti-spam.
  • It is a program that does not have a free version.

UpdraftPlus: best backup plugins for WordPress

This is another WordPress plugin program to make backups that works very well, proof of that is that it has been installed on more than a million sites, it has a 5-star rating.

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The features of UpdraftPlus are:

  • It is installed for the purpose of scheduling the creation of backup copies anywhere you want.
  • Store important information in the cloud or on your computer.
  • It is totally free.
  • Clone and you can migrate the backups.
  • Technical support is personalized.
  • The backup is automatic before any update.
  • Database encryption.

WP Time Capsule

The WP Time Capsule plugin has a free version for 30 days and a business version with different rates, so it offers real-time backups, vulnerability notifications and trial restorations.

The features of WP Time Capsule are:

  • The price of the paid version is quite reasonable considering that it is not only a backup tool, it also performs other functions.
  • It includes a staging environment feature that allows you to move a site from a staging environment to a live one. It also allows you to test updates in a test module.
  • This plugin has a quick restore option.
  • Protect your website from potential hackers, keep the eCommerce store safe and reduce storage costs.


ManageWP is a program that works more than just a WordPress backup plugin, it gives you many more tools so that you can properly manage your website. Regardless of whether it is a multisite or that you have several websites with different WordPress installations, this program can unite all your dashboards in one place and protect them.

ManageWP features are:

  • The prices are quite flexible, everything will depend on the number of sites you have on the net and the types of options you need.
  • The one-click restore button allows no one to get confused when dealing with a problem with your site files.

Importance of choosing the best free WordPress backup plugin

Currently, cyberattacks are increasingly common or simple problems with information equipment, these mishaps can represent a high risk of viruses destroying or stealing the files you have. Here is the importance of choosing the best WordPress backup plugin, these backups give you much more peace of mind, ensuring that your information is completely safe.

In addition, they provide you with tools so that you can better manage the website, and even efficiently store your files. Backing up information is something that you cannot leave for later, install one of these options of the best WordPress backup plugin.

Choosing a plugin like VaultPress is hard to go wrong, especially due to the fact that it is one of the most popular solutions and is supported by almost all the themes and other plugins available.
Evaluating only the quality ratio, Duplicator is the one that wins, as it is free and offers many features.

Precisely the fact that it tends to take care of too many things. and the impossibility of migrating data from this plugin to other solutions, are aspects that do not particularly convince me.

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Not hope, I believe you like this article. Don’t wait any longer and start using one of these, to ensure that the information on your blog or website is completely secure no matter what happens. Please leave a comment.

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