How to grow your business online for free in WordPress? In this post, we will discuss the 10 ideas to grow your business online with WordPress.

Having a Web presence for a business is no longer a competitive advantage and a market norm. Regardless of the type of electronic business you have.

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How to grow your business online for free in WordPress?

There are ideas or tips that help boost or grow your business online, here are 10 ideas to grow your business online and have a profitable business on the web.

1. Generate traffic

In order to sell, people must know your product/service. To do this, you must make them aware of the existence of your online business. Visit it, explore it and finally buy. Make frequent publications, that users are interested in the news. Plan the publications according to the objective to be achieved or the strategy implemented.

Create content that provokes sharing or commenting with others. It gives the possibility to interact, connect.

Social networks are an excellent alternative to attract traffic to your online business. And you must make use of them. First, you must analyze them to share optimized content. According to the particular format of each one and at the times with more concurrent users.

2. Know your traffic

How to grow your business online for free in WordPress, you need to know about your website traffics? In order to increase the traffic in your online business and thus make it grow. It is important to know the current traffic statistics. The analysis of these statistics allows knowing metrics. Such as the number of visitors, pages per visit (pages/session), the average duration of the session, sources of traffic (direct, search or referral), hours of greatest visit, among others.

Knowing this information will allow you to make decisions regarding the digital marketing strategies to implement. In addition to its periodic analysis. It allows you to determine if these strategies or efforts have been effective.

The tool most used today for these analyzes is Google Analytics. Which is easy to use and has free documentation on the web.

3. Focus on a target audience

Knowing the traffic of your online business. The next step is to focus on those who are most likely to spend their money on your e-business.

Recognizing this target audience and focusing on it involves writing in a style that suits them. Posting on the topics that attracted them to your website, having a related design, etc.

A common mistake of many companies is wanting to target all users, forgetting that their products or services have a target population. And that they must direct their marketing strategies. It is not the same to generate and present content for adolescents as for professionals aged 40 or over, what attracts a group of users may well alienate others. So it is necessary to recognize well who the content to be published is aimed at.

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4. Create quality content

Whether it is to describe the product or publicize the company, the content that is provided to the public must be of high quality, contain the information they need, take care of styling details (avoid spelling errors, do not use very large blocks of text, handle the appropriate language, etc.) and that is able to keep the reader connected.

The veracity, fidelity and verifiability of the information must be guaranteed, this will create an excellent reputation and will turn your business into a mandatory reference or expert in the field and this will improve it in the search engine ranking.

5. Adapt to mobility

The number of users connected through mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, makes it necessary to have a website optimized for these screens or a mobile application ( App ) that facilitates the user experience.

If at the moment you do not develop your own App, make your online business suitable for mobile devices ( responsive ) using optimized images, minimizing the use of videos, placing links on large easy-to-touch buttons, flat design, without menu overload, etc.

6. Connect to social networks

As previously stated, social media is effective in attracting potential customers, publicizing products and services, and interacting with users. Having a profile on these networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is free and represents an excellent showcase for the business. However, by themselves, they do not produce the desired effect. The incorporation of the online business to these networks must be part of a strategy, accompanied by rigorous planning of the publications and taking care of the forms or styles according to the network where they will be published.

For example, Instagram is more visual, it needs a good photo to accompany the post that presents it. For its part, Twitter is more textual, although images or videos can be placed that increase their probability of being retweeted.

The important thing is to remember that in all of them the idea is to “be social” and connect with customers. They must be active accounts and publish periodically. You must also be aware of selecting quality visual elements and that the shared content is really meaningful, that it effectively represents your business.

7. Take advantage of free tools

A large number of free marketing tools are available on the Internet. From design tools to automated social media managers. Remember that there are several factors to take into account: neat design, periodic publications, simultaneous management of several social networks, generation of quality content, among others.

All of this takes a lot of time and effort if you don’t have the right tools. For example, there is Canvas, a very simple tool with a free section. It allows you to create quality images with the format for each of the social networks. If it is about publishing on several social networks simultaneously. You can use the free Buffer tool.

These are just some examples, there are also many other tools, free and paid, for every need. You just have to be clear about what you want. And look for the tool that best suits what you expect.

8. Delegate everything that consumes a lot of time and takes you away from the reason for your business

Even though it has just been explained that there are easy. And free tools that can help you in everything related to the digital management of your online business. It is sometimes more expensive not to delegate functions like these to experts, who, for a sum of money, free us the time and energy that was invested in those activities to actually dedicate it to tasks directly related to the business, and thus achieve a more professional result.

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9. Make strategic alliances

In the same vein of delegating and leaving some things in the hands of professionals, to give added value to your product/service it is sometimes necessary to make alliances with other companies to establish a symbiotic relationship where both benefit.

A good example of this is partnering with companies to deliver your product so that you offer your customers the possibility of receiving what they have purchased in the comfort of their home or office.

10. Connect with the customer

An online business grows exponentially when we manage to create customer loyalty and they attract others. There are multiple ways to connect with customers through the website itself and social networks.


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