The plugins are a quick and efficient way to more profit your website managed with WordPress. 10 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install on your website for performing small tasks precisely. And it gives you a fairly wide catalog of possibilities that you can take advantage of to improve your website and thus get more benefits from it.

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10 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install on your website

It is, therefore, for the aforementioned, that it is advantageous to know the 10 best plugins for WordPress, those capable of making you improve your digital environment in such a way that you will not want to stop using them on any of your web pages. Ready to find out more?

Yoast SEO

With Yoast SEO you can have an effective tool to control and manage a large part of SEO utilities for WordPress, SEO being all those tools, tricks or tricks that you can use to achieve higher positioning on the internet.

Just keep in mind the keyword you want to position, then, you will see how the same plugin indicates a series of recommendations that you can follow to improve the positioning of that word on the internet, this being part of the so-called SEO on-page.

As long as you comply with these indications, the greater chances you will have of obtaining a high position on the internet. Your page will be the first to appear when someone searches for content related to what you have on your website!

AMP for WP

This specific plugin focuses on optimizing the content and speed that your website has when it is opened directly on a mobile device, allowing you to make adjustments so that it does not take so long to open and can be quick to use for more people.
One of the advantages of this WordPress Plugin is that it also allows you to improve SEO to a great extent, an aspect in common that this plugin has with the one mentioned above.

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Contact Form 7

If what you are looking for is a plugin for creating forms in WordPress then the search is over. This is thanks to the Contact Form 7 plugin, which allows you to quickly and easily create an interactive form with any number of fields you need.

Contact Form 7 does not work with a database as such, thus lacking permanent and personal storage of the data it collects. Instead, all the data that the form receives you will also receive directly in your email, thus lightening the weight of the plugin and improving the collection of information.

It is a plugin that you can use unlimitedly and also, you can obtain it without investing absolutely anything since it is free. What more could you want?

WP Force SSL

Internet security is also an issue that you must take into account when setting up your website in WordPress. To help you with this you can count on the WP Force SSL plugin, capable of encrypting the data of your website in such a way that you do not have to worry.

The SSL protocol is currently very common in digital platforms that exist on the internet and therefore, it is a key point of security that you must offer both to your users and to you who are the owner of the platform. What better way to do it than through a simple and efficient plugin?

WooCommerce: Best WordPress Plugins to Install

If it is about creating e-commerce, then WooCommerce is the wisest option you can choose when it comes to plugins.

More than 4 million stores around the internet were created with this simple and versatile plugin, which gives you the possibility of creating a simple and effective interface so that you can sell any product or service you want. It complies with providing you with everything you could need to set up an online store including a membership system, referrals, payment systems and others.

Not for nothing is it the most popular plugin for WordPress today, don’t you think?

Yoast Comment Hacks

The comments section of a web page is also important and therefore deserves a special plugin for its management. That’s where Yoast Comment Hacks comes in, a plugin that gives you the ability to:

  • Set a minimum length for comments so that you can store and save them.
  • Redirect any user who has already commented to a thank you page.
  • Send an email to the user who has already commented on your post.

A more than a perfect tool for you to take into account the comments and opinions that users deposit on your website.

Crazy Translate

This plugin gives you the possibility to broaden your horizons much more with the use of WordPress since it allows you to translate other plugins into your native language and translate your own themes from the web page creation wizard.
Loco Translate, once installed, automatically detects the .pot, .mo and .po files of your website, offering you the possibility of translating and editing the translation in case it is not to your liking.

As if the above was not enough, this plugin also allows you to make backup copies so that you do not lose the information on your digital platform. If the possibility of creating translation templates is added to that, then it is a good option to consider if the foreign language is not your strong suit.

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The plugin called Imsanity has the posthumous purpose of modifying and regulating the size of the images that you upload to your web page, in such a way that it can speed up its speed and improve user interaction with your digital platform.
With Imsanity you can:

  • Upload and regulate the images that you place and download directly as an administrator of your website.
  • Modify and fix the images that other users can upload to your database or particular web page.


To maintain a perfect war against Spam, nothing better than this plugin capable of analyzing the data of millions of pages in real-time, just to detect and prevent spammers from having access to your website. Save time and energy by clearing spam from your platform with this small WordPress application that will save you time and also bad times.

Table of Contents Plus

Finally, to finish with the WordPress plugins that your website will need, nothing better than the Table of Contents Plus, a plugin that allows you to create dynamic tables of contents to keep the information that lies in your virtual platform much more organized.

You have several options with which you can present your content, be able to show it by default, hide it, make it visible from a number and much more. Add dynamism to your website by creating tables of contents with this Plugin!


10 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install on your website for improving your site health. If possible, download these WordPress plugins right now and start making good use of WordPress to manage your online site. What are you waiting for?

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