You can use the 5 best plugins to optimize images in WordPress. If you want to maintain and take care of a web page made in WordPress and that loads with a maximum speed. You must be aware of the weight and size of all the images that are on your website. Therefore, to help you in this we will present you with the best plugins to optimize images in WordPress.

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5 best plugins to optimize images in WordPress

Get to know some of the plugins to optimize images in WordPress.

WP Smush

This is the most used by most people. Use the yahoo API which authorizes you to upload an image, reduce its weight and obtain the image with the same quality. 

WP Smush

When installing the plugin on your site, only when loading the image will this plugin proceed to optimize it. So that it does not take up much space and loads quickly. If you already have the photos uploaded, only by doing one step you can optimize all of them.


This plugin has more than 200,000 active users, so it automatically resizes large images to a more reasonable size so that you can view them in the browser.ImsanityIn addition, one of its characteristics is that it allows you to resize the images on your site according to the location, as well as the images of posts. Those that are in the library or those that exist anywhere in WordPress.

On the other hand, with this plugin, you can convert BMP images to JPG so that you can scale the graphics on your website.

Optimus: best plugins to optimize images in WordPress

The Optimus plugin can automatically reduce the size of uploaded media files. Depending on the format and image, you can reduce its size to approximately 70% of the original weight.OptimusThis saves several kilobytes per image, which helps in website performance without losing graphics quality.

To find the settings of this plugin you must go to “Optimus settings” where you can specify the settings. However, to optimize the images you must go to the media section in the drop-down menu.

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EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin is not only limited to lightening the weight of the photographs, but it also seeks a better combination of parameters so that the quality is close to 100%.EWWW Image Optimizer

If your website has many images, it is likely that the weight of the plugin will be offset by the excellent optimization it will do.

CW Image Optimizer

It reduces the bytes of the images trying not to lose their quality at any time.CW Image OptimizerIt uses the same Yahoo API to reduce the size and weight of all images, but with the difference that these are processed without leaving WordPress.

You could also use those plugins for plugins to optimize images in WordPress.

Short Pixel


This is paid version has several options, among them is the compaction of the images on your website. You can automatically compress the photos that are already uploaded previously. In addition, with it you will be able to reduce the images much faster than with the free version.




This Hammy plugin has the ability to create different sizes of your images with the lowest possible weight. From that moment on, the plugin is the one that decides which version of the image is the one to display based on different parameters.

Lazy Load

This optimizes the speed at which the website loads working from the image. It will not modify any of the visual content for that it must be combined with another plugin. All you are going to do is decide when the images are to be uploaded. For example, if the user does not scroll, the images below will not be loaded as they will not be necessary.

Force Regenerate thumbnails

This is necessary when you change templates on your website. Probably the established sizes of your other theme may be different from the new one you have installed and you need to adapt all the images to the new size, with this plugin that with only one step you can do it easily.

This tool helps you reduce the weight of your photos without losing quality. Before proceeding to upload a very large photo to WordPress, you must compress it and then upload it to optimize it. Using it is easy and simple, you just have to select the images that you have saved on your computer and download it when the optimization is complete. It can compress formats such as PNG, JPG, SVG and GIF.


This plugin can compress up to 20 images simultaneously, reducing the size but the quality will be the same. You just have to click on the images you are going to upload to adjust the quality you want. In addition, you can use the knob to control the comprehension level and the mouse to compare the images.

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It helps you speed up the website with much lighter images. The point of this one is that you won’t have to choose between speed or beauty. Among the advantages of this are:

  • Since the images are automatically optimized, they help you save time.
  • The quality of the images is not sacrificed, as it will only reduce the weight.
  • It helps to speed up the website with much clearer images in order to gain speed and improve the user experience and SEO.


This is one of the best-known photo editing and retouching programs. It includes the option to save images for websites, which optimizes these directly and leaves them ready so that you can upload them to WordPress.

Advantages of optimizing images in WordPress

  • You will greatly increase the loading speed of the website as a whole, thereby improving the user experience.
  • Better adaptation to all devices, thanks to the reduction of the weight of the images and the use of the AMP version.
  • Greater accessibility from all types of electronic devices as well as for a greater number of productivity tools and external users.

In short,

These are the 5 best plugins to optimize images in WordPress. If you install them they will help you greatly to reduce the size of the images and will speed up the navigation of your site.

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