In this post, we will discuss The best WordPress plugins for Genesis Framework. After taking a look at the general settings and SEO features of the Genesis framework. Today I want to point out some of the plugins dedicated to Genesis that, personally. I find it particularly useful.

Want to know why I recommend Genesis as a theme for your WordPress site? I’ll explain it here…

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The best WordPress plugins for Genesis Framework

Plugin to translate Genesis

Genesis Translations is almost always the first plugin I install after installing Genesis. This plugin allows you to easily translate Genesis Framework based on the language set on your WordPress site.

Thanks to this plugin, all the main theme strings are automatically translated into English. Here you can find the list of languages for which a translation is available. This is not a plugin to manage a site in multiple languages. But a plugin that allows you to view the correct translated version (if the translation is available) of the Genesis theme.

Plugin to customize the features of Genesis

Genesis Custom Footer

This plugin allows you to customize the footer text of a Genesis theme without having to use the functions.php file.

Genesis Columns Advanced

This plugin allows you to easily insert shortcodes to take advantage of columns within posts and pages. Thanks to it, up to 42 different layout combinations can be used.

Genesis Simple Hooks

It is one of the most popular Genesis plugins. It allows you to modify and customize many of the features of the StudioPress framework without having to use the functions.php file. Particularly suitable for those who are new to Genesis. Since it allows you to carry out many interventions directly from the WordPress back-end.

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Genesis Simple Edits

Thanks to this plugin you will have a new settings page within the WordPress back-end that will allow you to customize the additional information displayed before and after each post (author, date, categories and tags) and also the footer of your site without having to intervene directly on the functions.php file.

Genesis Title Toggle

A simple but extremely handy plugin when you don’t want a page title to appear. For example when you want to create a particular layout. Instead of hiding the title via CSS or by inserting a special function inside the functions.php file, with this plugin you can achieve the same result with a simple click on the pages you want.

Genesis Simple Menus

Allows you to assign additional WordPress menus to the Genesis sub-menu depending on the page, post or archive by category or tag. This way you can create various custom menus for different sections of your site.

Genesis Simple Sidebars

With this plugin, you can add dynamic widget areas which can then be displayed only in certain sections of your site.

Genesis Grid

This plugin created by Bill Erickson allows you to display posts in the archives of your site with a grid layout, rather than one after the other.

Genesis 404 Page

A simple plugin that allows you to customize the content of the 404 error page (page not found) on your site based on the Genesis framework.

Genesis Style Trump

This plugin allows you to load the style sheet of your child’s theme after all the others. In this way, the rules inserted in it will take precedence over those contained in the style sheets of any plugins.

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Design Palette Pro

This is a paid plugin that allows you to customize many of the aspects of a Genesis theme without having to touch the code, so it is particularly suitable even for those who don’t know anything about PHP. Virtually all child themes released by StudioPress and more are supported.

Design Palette Pro/Genesis Extender

Also in this case it is a paid plugin that allows you to create custom layouts without having to modify PHP files. For example, it allows you to create new content areas, customize styles and create custom page templates. It works with virtually all Genesis child themes and allows you to do with just a few clicks what would in some cases require numerous lines of code.

Plugin to add widgets to Genesis

Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget It

Replaces the standard Genesis “Genesis Featured Posts Widget” by introducing new features, such as handling Custom Post Types, greater control over output and even support for transients queries.

Genesis Featured Widget Amplified

Adds some features to the previous plugin, such as support for custom post types (not just pages and articles) and the ability to sort by custom field.

Featured Custom Post Type Widget for Genesis

Another plugin that allows you to display a list of articles, pages and custom post types in a widget and that also offers the possibility to set the number of columns to use.
Featured Custom Post Type Widget for Genesis

Genesis eNews Extended

This plugin replaces the old “Genesis eNews Widget” and allows you to insert a form to subscribe to the most popular newsletter services, such as Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz and Constant Contact.

Plugin to add functionality to Genesis

Awesome Shortcodes For Genesis

Adds a button to the WordPress editor to easily access and insert many of the default Genesis shortcodes, such as those related to responsive columns.

Genesis Custom Headers

Allows you to add custom headers to posts, pages and custom post types. Images, slideshows and even custom HTML code can be added. The plugin natively supports other plugins such as Soliloquy, Revolution Slider, Meta Slider and Slider Pro.

Genesis Simple Share

A free plugin created by Brian Gardner and downloadable from his site (upon registration). Allows you to add icons for sharing content quickly and easily. Icons can be easily customized via CSS and repositioned where you see fit using Genesis action hooks.

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Genesis Dambuster

If you use a page builder like Beaver Builder, this plugin allows you to eliminate the extra markup of your Genesis theme, so you can make layouts that take advantage of the full width of the page. If you are interested in this topic, I wrote a post about it.

Genesis Responsive Slider

With this plugin, you can insert a slider that displays the images in evidence, the title and the summary of each article. You also have the possibility to choose whether to view the slides from articles or pages, from certain categories, or even by specifying the IDs of the articles you want. It also includes scroll arrows and the ability to turn them on or off. You can choose whether to display the slide by inserting a PHP function directly into your child’s theme files or inserting it into a widget.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

With this plugin, it is possible to use a Genesis child theme also with WooCommerce. Since it replaces the standard WooCommerce templates with a version compatible with Genesis Framework.

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If you have any other Genesis plugins that you think are useful. Please report them using the comments and I will keep the list up to date. Now you know the name of The best WordPress plugins for Genesis Framework.

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