Choosing a theme for a WordPress site is always a delicate step for those who are preparing to create their own site. The offer of themes is abundant and it is very easy to go wrong at this stage.

Loyal readers of this site probably know that Appal is the theme I recommend the most. Now I’ll explain why Appal is the best multipurpose WordPress theme.

Appal is a theme that focuses heavily on ease of use, flexibility in configuration and excellent integration with the main page builders.

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For example, let yourself be tempted by captivating graphic layouts that perhaps hide pitfalls, which can make it difficult to manage and customize your site.Appal - Creative Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Appal – best multipurpose WordPress theme

If you are in the process of creating your first WordPress site, or if your current theme no longer suits you. Here are a number of reasons why Appal is worth considering. Especially if you are also planning to use page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder.

Appal WordPress theme Overview

Responsive Designfull Responsive Design

Added New 6 PagesAdded New 6 Pages

10+Home Page and 25+ Inner Page

10+Home Page and 25+ Inner Page2

  • App Landing Creative
  • Saas Landing Creative
  • App Landing Minimal
  • Saas Landing Modern
  • App Landing Modern
  • Saas Landing Exclusive
  • Saas Landing Classic
  • App Landing Exclusive
  • App Store Creative.

Drag and Drop Advanced Powerful Page Builder

Drag and Drop Advanced Powerful Page Builder

How to install Appal and what are the benefits

There are many positive aspects of Appal. Here are some of them.
It’s easy to customize and uses the standard WordPress customizer. This means it only takes you a few minutes to learn how to customize this theme. Many other themes unfortunately adopt proprietary interfaces that force you to find out where the various configuration options are hiding.

With Appal, on the other hand, you just need to access the Appearance -> Customize section of WordPress to have all the settings at your fingertips.

With Appal you can also use a child theme and carry out more extensive customization by editing the child theme files. Appal also provides an automatic generator that allows you, with a simple click, to download a child theme to install on your site.

It is a theme that adapts to various situations: from the blog to the company website, from e-commerce to the e-learning site.

Such sites are easily imported with a simple click on your WordPress site and can be used as a starting point for your project. Now, this site is also available in the paid version of Appal.

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The free or paid version of Appal?

It is a paid version. One of the many positive aspects of Appal is certainly given by the possibility of downloading it and installing it for paid. The actual theme is in fact premium. The pro version, the paid version, consists of a plugin that extends the functionality of the free basic theme.

The settings page of the Pro version of Appal

Here are some of the reasons why it may be worthwhile to upgrade to the paid version of Appal.

In the pro version of Appal, you have the possibility to create customized headers, that is the headings of the site. This feature allows you to create headings with a custom design for each section, article, page or category of your site.

Not only but Appal Pro also allows you to:

  • Customize the mobile version of the publications;
  • Make the header block fixed in order to always keep the menu of your site visible. Even when the user scrolls the content of the page.
  • Create a mega menu in cases where you need to manage many items within the navigation menu of your site.

The paid version of Appal also offers you a much larger number of customization possibilities for the various elements. This means, for example, being able to intervene very precisely on fonts, colors, sizes and spacing for almost all the content on your site.

On the left, are the personalization settings of the free version of Appal. On the right are those of Appal Pro.

Appal Pro provides the Custom Layout function, which allows you to build a fully customized header, footer and 404 page.

But the “fun” does not end there. In fact, you can also take advantage of this function to add custom code in certain points of the theme, without putting your hand to the files of the theme itself. These points, which in WordPress terminology are defined hooks make further customization interventions very easy and flexible.

Some of the hooks available on Appal

When you think about theme customization, you almost always only consider changes that have an immediate aesthetic impact on the site. But other types of interventions can also be performed. For example, with a theme like Appal, it is easy to insert the Facebook Pixel into the pages of your site, without using any plugins.

You can do this by taking advantage of the Custom Layout function available in the Pro version of Appal. The possibilities offered by this function are many and allow you to have full control of your theme. And where and how to make the various codes appear.

With Appal it is easy to insert and decide where to place code within the pages of your site.

A theme that integrates with WooCommerce and other plugins

The free version of Appal is compatible with two of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress ( WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads ). In the Pro version of Appal, you can easily customize the WooCommerce product grid, as well as make interventions on the checkout page.

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Appal Pro’s WooCommerce settings section

Appal Pro also features plugin-specific integration and customization options such as Lifter LMS and LearnDash, two popular solutions used by those who want to create online courses with their WordPress site.

By purchasing one of Appal’s paid licenses you have more ready-to-use sites available that you can easily import for your new projects.

I would also like to point out that all Appal’s paid licenses allow use on an unlimited number of sites. So you don’t have to pay a license for every site you install Appal Pro on. But with just one license you can install it on as many sites as you want.


The presence of many ready-to-use layouts and numerous plugins to add functionality to Appal or to the various page builders. Make this theme an excellent solution (better than many themes that you can find on ThemeForest), especially for all those people who prefer to use page builders like Elementor or other plugins to build and customize their site. Now you know why Appal is the best multipurpose WordPress theme.

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