The global market is a huge challenge for anyone with an online shop. For this reason, we have decided to explain to you “What are the advantages of creating a multilingual WooCommerce?”

If you have a successful online store, you certainly feel the desire to expand your clientele and sell your products abroad. Entering new markets allows you to reach a much wider audience, exponentially increasing the chances of selling online.

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The advantages of creating a multilingual WooCommerce

Opening an e-commerce site is also an important step for those who manage a physical store and need to propose themselves in different markets. In fact, a local business has physical limits that can only be overcome by an online shop.

Introducing yourself to a new market and dealing with foreign languages can be frightening. In fact, opening a multilingual e-commerce requires a great deal of effort, but it will give a lot of satisfaction in the long term.

There are many aspects to follow and must be put into practice with care:

  • product sheets in multiple languages;
  • translation of texts;
  • industry blog;
  • shipments and negotiations with foreign countries;
  • multilingual customer support.

An increasingly used and very flexible platform to open a multilingual eCommerce is definitely WordPress, specifically Woocommerce.

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Building a site with Woocommerce has many advantages:

  • management is very simple;
  • it is SEO friendly;
  • is optimized for mobile;
  • can be integrated with many plugins and is scalable;
  • offers the possibility of building a multilingual site;
  • being a WordPress plugin, it allows you to integrate the site with the online shop.

Do you really need a multilingual site?

A multilingual site is an indispensable tool for those who have decided to devote themselves to international e-commerce.

Most people prefer to buy from sites that speak their language to be able to better control the purchases, transactions and conditions offered.

By developing a site with WooCommerce in different languages you can attract more visitors and expand your market. If you want to increase the sales of your e-commerce, therefore, it is necessary to attract as many users as possible, reaching them wherever they are and speaking their language!

Consider that the most widely spoken languages in the world are: Bangla, English, Spanish and Arabic.

This makes you understand that, by building a site only in English or Bangla, you are precluding yourself from reaching many potential customers!

Opening a multilingual online store can guarantee a huge advantage in terms of profits and sales. But only careful analysis and deep knowledge of the data can tell you if you should.

Before venturing into opening a multilingual site you must evaluate:

  • if you already have international traffic volumes;
  • in which country you make the most sales;
  • how many requests come to you from non-Italian customers;
  • whether the products you deal with are suitable for a global audience;
  • what are the bureaucratic procedures to manage transactions with foreign countries;
  • if your store can respond to higher sales volumes;
  • how to deal with logistics and shipping;
  • your organizational skills.

Creating a site with WooCommerce can give you great opportunities if managed well. If you think you do not have the time or resources to manage it correctly, the best thing is to rely on an agency such as WebRito Agency, which can take care of the creation and management of the site for you.

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What you will get through a multilingual site?

As we said, a site with Woocommerce can greatly grow your eCommerce.
If your project has the characteristics we have described to you, it would be a shame not to get it off the ground.

By not developing your multilingual site, in fact, you would lose a lot in terms of sales, positioning and consumer trust.

The advantages in terms of visibility and market are enormous, which is why we have decided to explain to you how to start conquering this new global market.

Sell all over the world

A multilingual site opens the doors to a potentially huge global market.
With such an opening you will be able to address your users in their native language, generating in them a sense of trust and recognition.

Your Woocommerce will become a fundamental tool to better penetrate these markets and grow your online business.

By entering different markets you will be able to analyze them from the inside. In this way you will be able to better understand what your customers’ needs and perspectives are, implementing communication with them.

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SEO optimization

In terms of SEO, the advantages of a multilingual site are considerable.
In fact, Google indexes the contents created in the additional languages as if they were separate.
What does it mean? That your site will have a better chance of being found in user searches.

Furthermore, your e-commerce will be shown to users in the language set in the browser, guaranteeing them a better user experience. In addition to these benefits, you will be able to target regions more precisely.

Better User Experience

At the UI level, the advantages are two in particular:

  • The user can select the language he prefers;
  • the browser can publish the site in the set language so that the user can immediately view it in his preferred language.

Obviously, we always start with compelling graphics, with a clear design and in line with the brand.

Trust and credibility

A customer who is reached in his language perceives this possibility as an added value offered by the company.
By overcoming cultural barriers, you will be able to gain the trust of the target faster. Customers, in fact, appreciate perceiving the link with their culture.

Furthermore, several types of research have shown that users do not like to buy from foreign language sites. The user needs clarity. For this reason, he tends not to trust shopping online when he doesn’t understand well the information he receives.

In terms of image, a brand with a multilingual site is more authoritative.

We (WebRito) help you configure the WPML plugin

Now you may be wondering how to turn your WordPress site into a multilingual site.
The best premium plugin for creating multilingual Woocommerce is WPML. Available in 40 languages, it offers the possibility to add other languages thanks to its editor.

WPML can help you manage a lot of useful information about your online store’s products such as:

  • information and product sheets;
  • categories;
  • tag;
  • product features.

To take advantage of the possibilities offered by a multilingual site, it is important to build an attractive and well-managed site. For this reason, you don’t have to leave anything to chance by focusing on DIY!
If you want to build a successful online store, your best bet is to go to an agency.

WPML must be installed and configured by experienced people to get you the desired results and not waste your time and money.

We at WebRito are experts in creating multilingual e-commerce sites. Contact us and we will see together how to create your project!

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