Nowadays e-commerce websites have become very popular because by creating e-commerce websites you can easily sell any product. Karte – Multipurpose E-Commerce HTML Template is very beautiful and its usable design will attract people to buy products. You have selected the eCommerce HTML website template that you liked the most. Now if you want to make the most of it, read on. Here are some great eCommerce HTML website design tips for creating a beautiful, effective and functional eCommerce HTML website.

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Karte – Multipurpose E-Commerce HTML Template

You can use the “Karte” template if you want to create a multipurpose e-commerce website. If you sell sophisticated products – related to fashion, decoration, jewelry, luxury accessories, etc. You need a template according to the type of product you are going to sell.

Selling decoration products. Thanks to its integration with Karte Product Bundle, your customers will be able to buy several related products (for example a lamp, a nightstand, light bulbs and several photo frames) making a discount for buying several products at the same time.

In that case, the best option is Barberry, a minimalist, elegant, sober and avant-garde multipurpose template.

A positive point is that you do not have to go crazy configuring a lot of options, since installing the predesigned demo is as simple as clicking on the dashboard menu.

Karte - Fashion Multipurpose E-Commerce HTML Template

The most prominent elements of this multipurpose template are:

  • Design full pages.
  • Modify headers.
  • Adapt the footers to your needs (or remove them).
  • Custom menus.
  • Change all the colors you want.
  • Use the typeface that best suits your corporate identity. Module for sale in various currencies.
  • Progressive loading of images.
  • Quick view of the product.
  • Countdown counter to limit the validity of your offers.
  • Visitor counter.
  • Total products sold.
  • New stock notification form.
  • Color and size selector.
  • Size guide.
  • Add to cart button with AJAX technology.
  • Individualizable page headers.

PRICE: $ 12.

Karte Multipurpose eCommerce HTML Template Overview

4 Awesome HomePages

4 Awesome HomePages

21+ Awesome Pages

21+ Awesome Pages

Awesome Feature

Awesome FeatureBut if you find it difficult to adapt the template to suit you, you can choose between the 30 predesigned demos for your Home page . And the best part is that the color schemes are unlimited. So you can adapt your Karte Template to any palette. And with 600 fonts from Google Fonts, it will be difficult for you not to find your corporate font among the entire range available.

Do you have a project in mind

Karte Template Ideal for

Clothing stores specialized in a single category. For example, stores that sell only hats or stores that sell only windbreakers. Its simple design makes it very easy to find the product you are looking for. And the zoom mode when hovering over each garment is perfect for this type of business.

Audio and hi-fi stores. If you sell products like premium headphones, high-end Bluetooth speakers, or hi-fi soundbars, this Shopify template is the best to boost your sales. Thanks to its countdown counters, for example, you can set flash offers that expire quickly, with the aim of generating impulse sales.

How to choose a Multipurpose eCommerce HTML Template?

Choosing the multipurpose template to use in your dropshipping store is more important than you might think a priori. You will already know that the multipurpose template is in charge of giving a certain appearance to your online store. Therefore, if you select one that does not suit your needs or that is not aesthetically consistent with the dropshipping market niche in which you are going to operate, your business may suffer.

Remember that selling online is based on trust. And for there to be trust, the appearance of your online store must be consistent with the branding and brand strategy that you have marked for your business. In fact, customers quickly detect if there are inconsistencies and flee in terror as soon as something does not suit them.

Fortunately, it is very easy to find excellent templates among the wide variety of themes that exist in multipurpose templates.

Tips for choosing the best multipurpose template

We are aware that among so many offers it can be difficult to make a decision.
That’s why we want to help you with these brief tips that you should keep in mind when choosing your template for multipurpose template:

Make navigation intuitive:

the template should be easy to use. This means that potential customers have to be able to find the things they are looking for without going crazy. If there are too many intermediate steps, the products are too hidden, or you don’t put a search engine, potential customers will leave your page right away.

Think about the visual part of the template:

if you choose a multipurpose template that is too visually loaded, you will have to provide content in images and video according to that potential. If you don’t have the capacity to offer good images, you’d better choose simpler templates, with fewer design tricks.

View your products before selecting the template:

when you are reviewing the multipurpose template options you can check how your products will look in the different templates available. And if they don’t look good, you better not buy that specific template.

Stay only with responsive templates:

more and more people buy directly from their smartphones. If you choose a multipurpose template that doesn’t look good on small screens, you will probably lose a lot of sales. So it would be best to discard those that do not offer a good display on mobiles and tablets.

Shopify life for $1/month

Look for multipurpose templates that load quickly:

no matter how many SEO tools you use, if your online store does not load quickly, you will not be able to appear in the first positions of Google. So prioritize multipurpose templates that have more optimized code for fast loading.


Designing the best eCommerce HTML website is easier when you have the right eCommerce HTML website HTML template. I hope you enjoyed selecting the best eCommerce HTML templates and resources.

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At ThemeForest, you can buy the Karte – Multipurpose E-Commerce HTML Template as you need. And the best You get continuous support and updates from its creators.

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