Do you want to know “How to create popups with WordPress?” Now I will tell you. Pop-ups on a website are a great way to invite your site’s users to take an action, such as downloading valuable content or directing them to a product/service you offer.

Together with buttons and banners, they represent the main method for making the visitor perform an action. But as often happens with the dynamics of the web, popups also have precise rules to respect to prevent the user from being annoyed and abandoning the page.

How many times has it happened to you to visit a blog and leave it for too many ads?

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Here, that is the wrong way to use popups, in this article we will see what a popup is, the usefulness of these animated ads and the 2 main ways I have selected to create professional looking popups with WordPress.

How to create popups with WordPress (in 2 different ways)

Do you use WordPress for your website?
Have you tried looking for plugins to create popups and you’re going crazy, right?

I imagine it because I also went through it before identifying these solutions and it was not easy at all, in the end before getting there I tested a dozen plugins and many gave problems (especially from mobile).

So, I have selected these 2 main ways to create popups that worked for me. Of course, there is the TOP solution (which is OptinMonster ‘s one ) which I highly recommend if you want to do things a certain way and take this business seriously.

If you use WordPress by now you will have noticed that to insert an element on the site there are various ways. And this usually depends on your skills, your budget and above all the objectives you want to achieve with your website.

So here are 2 choices for you.

Create a popup with a free plugin: Popup Maker

The first solution that I propose to create a popup is to use the free popup maker plugin. It is a plugin widely used in WordPress sites that has some basic layouts and activates animated windows on your website.

Here’s how to create a popup with Popup with “Popup Maker”, go to your site, in the plugin section – add the plugin and search for “Popup Maker”, click on install and activate.

Once installed you will have a section where you can create a new popup, give it a name and start inserting the various contents.

In the lower part of the popup you will find the rules:

  • Triggers: to add a start trigger, i.e. based on which action the popup is activated (obviously being free, the choices are limited).
  • Targeting: on which page or type of content to display the popup window.
  • View: the type of popup, then a central window, a window on the right, a top bar.
  • Close: defines the close button.
  • Advanced: Disable the popup if a user has already visited the website.

To apply a style to popups, just select a theme and if you want to change it. You can go to the appropriate section ” popup themes “.

I’ll tell you the truth… It took me a while to get to create something decent, because understanding how the various spacing, margins and sizing work is not immediate. But, in the end, the result is decent. So, is it the best solution?

Do you have a project in mind

No. As it happened in offline, even on the web the best solutions are the premium ones, furthermore, since popups are a marketing tool they should be treated as such and you should have precise reports with the following data:

  • Which popups convert the most;
  • Which pages perform best;
  • How many clicks do you get?

You can have all this with the next plugin.

Create a popup with a premium theme: Appal – Creative Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Appal theme is one of the most popular themes for WordPress which among other things allows you to create popups as well.

In reality, when we talk about popups, we mean a window that appears suddenly according to the rules you define.
Instead, within this theme, you can create fixed bars at the top, bottom and by clicking on certain buttons. Surely also on other sites and landing pages, you will have found a fixed bar with a call to action.

All the big marketers use these calls to action and therefore considering using this theme for your site saves you time that you can spend in other ways.

Using this theme saves the installation of many plugins which over time tend to slow down performance… which is why I chose it to build everything you see within this website.

If you want to learn more about Appal’s incredible features to create professional websites:

Go to the site

If you have any questions or concerns say that it is entirely legitimate. So if you need some advice for your specific case I am available below in the comments.

What are popups?

The popup is a small window that appears while browsing a website, its main purpose is to generate leads and in general, you can use it to lead the user to perform an action.

To date, it is one of the main methods used by marketers to bring conversions to a website. Obviously always using those principles of consistency and relevance that users (and Google) love.

Why are popups so important?

If you are looking for how to create a popup with WordPress you probably already know what the advantages of popups are. So I preferred to make a summary of the most important ones. In my opinion, in an overall strategy, it makes a LOT of sense to use popups.

Without thinking too much, these are the main benefits of popups:

  • Generation of contacts: lead generation is the main objective of popups. In fact, by offering the person free content you can request contact in exchange. Or even have them subscribe to the newsletter by sending a series of useful content for their business.
  • Increased Conversions: Using pop-ups increases conversions. Especially when windows appear at times of user uncertainty. For example, take the exit-intent popup that fires when the user is about to leave, within e-commerce. It can make a HUGE difference.
  • Reduce the bounce rate: One of the problems that all marketers face is that of the bounce rate, which is the tendency of the user to jump from one page to another without a precise path. Through the popups, you can show him the path to take.

As you already see these three reasons should make you evaluate the use of popups.

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Mistakes to avoid with pop-ups

When you decide to integrate a popup strategy into a website. It is essential to follow best practices to prevent the user from leaving the web page.

Below is a list of common mistakes to avoid with Popups:

  • Using full-page popups interrupts the display of the content by the user and therefore this 9 times out of 10 leaves the site.
  • Do not respect a basic time frame and immediately activate the popup as soon as the visitor enters the site, always wait at least 20 seconds.
  • Use inconsistent with the type of content. In practice the one I was talking about in the first chapter.
  • Using too many pop-ups, sometimes I even went inside a site and saw multiple overlapping pop-ups. Horrible!
  • Don’t give the option to close the window, another surefire way to lose the user.


Within this short article, we have seen “how to create a popup with WordPress” using 2 simple ways. If you like this post, please share this post with your friends on social media. Please leave a comment below. You can also read this: How to Change the Font Size in WordPress?

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