Either because you have an eCommerce and you want to boost the sales of your website. Because you want to start making your site profitable with affiliate links recommending products, choosing a good affiliate plugin for WordPress is essential for your marketing strategy Membership starts to pay off. Now, I will tell you about the best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing.

If you are new to this, it is normal that at first, you are a little lost. So in this post, I will try to clarify all your doubts.
I will first start by explaining what affiliate marketing is and why you need an affiliate plugin for WordPress. Having seen this, I will show you what types of affiliate plugins exist and which is the best option for your website.

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What is affiliate marketing?

In recent years, affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing has gained a lot of ground in the online world and has become one of the best strategies to generate income online. The best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing helps you to get success.

If you do not know very well what this strategy consists of, I will briefly summarize how affiliate marketing works.
An affiliate recommends an advertiser’s products (also called an affiliate marketer ) to their blog readers, subscribers, or social media followers. In return, for each sale that the advertiser manages to make thanks to the recommendation of his affiliate, he takes a commission.

But how does the advertiser know that the sale is coming from a certain affiliate? By the link or link used by the end customer. Advertisers typically provide their affiliates with a unique, personalized URL with a code or ID to correctly identify and allocate commissions.

Types of affiliate plugins for WordPress

For an affiliate marketing strategy, whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser. You need a plugin to help you manage everything. Trust me, doing it manually is almost impossible!

But do advertisers and affiliates have to use the same plugin? No. That is why we have to distinguish between two types of affiliate plugins for WordPress:

  • Plugins to manage affiliates in WordPress. Advertisers will be able to create an affiliate program, approve/reject affiliates, manage commissions, create communications, measure the performance of their campaigns.
  • Plugins for affiliates in WordPress. With this tool, affiliates can manage and classify links, insert them into their content, measure which products generate more performance or more commissions.

Best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing

Are you an advertiser and want to give your website a boost? Then you need a plugin that allows you to create and manage your affiliate program. I propose you Affiliates Manager and YITH WooCommerce Affiliates, let’s see what you think!

Plugins to manage affiliates in WordPress

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Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager is one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. It helps you to manage in a very simple way the affiliates who recommend your products or services.

It is very easy to configure the plugin and has an intuitive interface from which you can configure everything you need to create your affiliate program. In addition, there are many extra add-ons available (paid and free) to carry out integrations or increase the functionalities of the plugin.

It integrates seamlessly with the most used eCommerce plugins in WordPress: WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, JigoShop, WP eStore, Simple Membership, etc.

And do you know the best of everything? That you can use it for free. Of course, you have two payment plans available that include premium support and unlimited sites.

To give you an idea of how this affiliate plugin for WordPress works. Here are some of the features that I like the most and how they are managed from the WordPress administration panel.

Affiliate management

Your affiliates will be able to register and have their own space to access their identifier and start promoting your products. In addition, you as an advertiser will have access to all affiliate profiles or the account status of each of them.

Remember that you can customize the registration form with the data that you consider necessary for the management of your affiliates. Only request the information that you consider essential. If your potential affiliates see a form that’s too big, they may decide to quit at the last minute.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you use WooCommerce, the YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin is also a good option to manage all the options of your program.

Of course, in the case of YITH WooCommerce Affiliates, the free version may be a bit fair. You can use it to get started or get an idea of how the plugin works. But if you want to create a real WordPress affiliate system, you have to check it out. The premium version is very complete.

Affiliate plugins for WordPress

If you are not an advertiser and what you are looking for is an affiliate plugin for WordPress with which you can start recommending products on your website or on your blog, here are four very interesting options.

Easy Affiliate Links

A very good alternative to ThirstyAffiliates is Easy Affiliate Links.

The configuration panel of this affiliate plugin for WordPress is very complete and integrates everything you need to generate passive income. For instance:

  • Classification of links by categories.
  • Link customization.
  • Statistics and reports.
  • Exclusion of clicks from the WordPress roles that you have defined on your site.
  • Attribute value or nofollow tag on links.
  • Tools for quick search of links on pages, posts, etc.
  • Possibility of adding custom code.
  • Ability to display a disclaimer notice for affiliate links you include on your site.
  • Import or export your links in CSV or XLM format.

Pretty Link Lite

Another very good option is Pretty Link Lite. It is one of the most used WordPress affiliate plugins in the official repository, with more than 200,000 active installations.

The free version of this plugin may be simpler than the plugins we have just seen, but it perfectly fulfills the basic tasks you need to get started with affiliate marketing: management and categorization of links, redirection of URLs to achieve a more structure. clean and access to click statistics and reports.

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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Pluign (AAWP)

Do you work with the Amazon affiliate program? So forget about the WordPress affiliate plugins that we just saw and choose a specialized plugin in this marketplace.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, also known as AAWP, is one of the most powerful solutions out there today. Among other things, this tool allows you to expose Amazon products directly on your website. So that, visually, it is much more attractive than a simple link.


In this article, we have just seen the Best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. Whether you are an advertiser and want to create an affiliate program or if you are an affiliate and you are going to start recommending products with your blog.

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