All companies that manage e-commerce have a specific goal: to reduce the number of abandoned carts. In this article, we tell you How to decrease abandoned carts on Shopify? Have you read the main statistics regarding the abandonment of the shopping cart of eCommerce?

It seems that as much as 75% of users who visit an online shop and fill the cart with products, in the end, do not manage to complete the purchase.

  • Why do consumers abandon their shopping cart this often?
  • What is holding them back from buying?

Read on to find out.

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Why do users abandon their carts?

This is the first question to ask because, if you do not know the reasons that induce users to leave the products in the cart without buying them, it is not even possible to apply the right strategies to combat the phenomenon.
One of the main reasons that block the user from purchasing is the too high shipping costs.

Together with this, the user can consider the price of the product too high and start a parallel search for a similar product, but cheaper, on other online stores without completing the purchase on the first site visited.
Finally, another reason that discourages shoppers is that the checkout process is too long.

Best way to decrease abandoned carts on Shopify?

Now that we understand the main reasons that affect user behavior, let’s see how to remedy them.
There are effective strategies that, if implemented in the right way within the e-commerce site, can reduce this negative habit and favor the recovery of abandoned carts.How to decrease abandoned carts on Shopify2

Offer free shipping

We immediately address the most common cause of abandonment of the cart, which is shipping costs that are too high. The cost established for shipping may depend on different factors such as the company’s agreements with couriers, the type of goods sold, the distance from the place of destination, etc.

How do you fight this enemy? By applying the free shipping offer.

Try to think of the e-commerce giant Amazon that offers free shipping above 29 dollars (for products other than books). This is an effective way to introduce it without further economic losses.

Shopify life for $1/month

Pay attention to the prices

In general, any price can raise doubts in the buyer. Also the price of the product.
First of all, the prices must be clearly visible, both that of the object and that of shipping, so as not to force the user to go on a treasure hunt.

Furthermore, if the prices are too high compared to the average, the user could change their mind and go looking for a product that is the same or similar to yours on another e-commerce.

Convince the user to buy

To feed abandoned carts on Shopify many times is the indecision of the user himself who wants to evaluate the possible purchase several times before confirming it. Indeed, many add them to keep track of the purchases they would like to make but are not willing to conclude at that moment.

However, among these, there may be consumers who are more inclined to spend, who just need to be encouraged with some techniques, such as the principle of scarcity.

Optimize your site (also for mobile)

According to research, in 2021 the e-commerce market on mobile could reach 3.5 trillion dollars, or 72.9% of all sales made on e-commerce. If the smartphone will be the most used tool, navigation must be optimal even on small screens.

Simplify the payment

Remember what we said about the causes of abandoned carts on Shopify? One of the main ones is too long checkout procedures. If your site redirects the user over and over again before confirming the purchase, it is normal for them to feel discouraged to complete the procedure.
For this reason, it is essential to streamline the final procedure by inserting only the necessary steps.

Offer multiple payment methods

Immediately connected to the previous strategy, we face the problem of payment methods.
With the spread of electronic commerce, the various systems with which to pay have also evolved.
In addition to being fast, these need to be diversified.

There are users who like to pay with credit cards, others with coupons and still others with services such as PayPal. The more tools you make available, the larger the clientele that will complete the purchase.

Offer great customer service

Helping consumers during the sale is essential for it to be successful. Remember that the customer must never feel abandoned to his fate. Enter chats in the e-commerce that allow you to contact an operator dedicated to assisting in real-time or a toll-free number to call. By helping the live buyer you can easily guide them towards a profit for you and a great customer experience for them.

Retarget with ads

Do you want to reduce abandoned carts on Shopify? Take advantage of the cookies containing anonymous information about visitors and enter all the data you are able to extrapolate within your advertising campaigns with Google Ads or on Facebook. The latter, for example, helps you in this activity by allowing you to operate the Pixel and monitor user behavior.

Send abandoned cart recovery email

Another effective tool to recover products left on the back burner is sending targeted emails.
If the user has reached the cart, it is assumed that he has registered with his e-mail. Within hours of leaving he sends the first e-mail to try to understand if there are any technical problems.

Send another one after 24 hours remembering the products left in the cart and, finally, send the third one 48 hours later, offering discounts to complete the purchase.

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Now you know “How to decrease abandoned carts on Shopify?” The techniques that can be implemented to reduce abandoned carts on Shopify and buy an increasing number of customers are many.

Some are simpler, while others require expert support to make e-commerce work to the best of its ability.
E-Commerce Consulting puts its team of professionals at your disposal for the implementation of all the strategies we have just analyzed. Contact us for more information and to optimize your online store.

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