Great! It is the most efficient way to accelerate your business. And it is also one of the easiest. With platforms like Shopify. You can build a robust website from scratch and start selling online in hours.

It could be the case that you need to know How to cancel Shopify? or want to Pause your Shopify store. Either because of the business for which the store fulfilled. Its function has reached the end of its useful life. Or because you are going to take a few months off. Shopify makes either way very easy for you. If you want to close the store, you can close it and it will stop being active and if you want to pause it you can also do it.

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How to cancel Shopify?

If you’ve tried Shopify, but prefer to switch to another platform, or it’s just not your thing. You can cancel it by going to Settings> Plans> Cancel subscription.

You will see that if you go to Plans when you start your free trial. The next billing date will be in 14 days. For example, if you start on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Your next billing date will be June 15, and the next will be July 15 (and so on until you cancel Shopify).

Here are the characteristics of both routes:

Pause the store:

  • People can still see your store but they won’t be able to buy. The moment they want to access the checkout, they will receive a message saying that such action is not possible.
  • With the store paused you can access the admin at all times.
  • When you want to sell again, you just have to contact one of the Shopify plans.
  • Do not forget here to delete or cancel the applications you are paying for so that they do not continue to charge you while you have the store paused.
  • The “On hold” status has a cost of $ 14 / month.

Close the store:

  • The store will no longer be visible to users from the moment you close it.
  • During the next 30 days, you will be able to access the store admin.
  • After 30 days, you will have to activate a Shopify plan before accessing the admin.
  • Initially, Shopify saves the store for a long time. We have seen cases of clients who have reopened it after 12 months, but we do not know anything written about it.
  • This “Closed” status does not cost money.

How to pause Shopify store

Step 1: In your Shopify store admin, go to Settings -> Account.
Step 2: At the bottom, you will find the “Store status”, click on “Pause store” and confirm it in the next step.

How to close your Shopify store?

Step 1: In your Shopify store admin, go to Settings -> Account.
Step 2: At the bottom you will find the “Store status”, click on “Close store” and confirm it in the next step by entering your password.

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How to Registration in Shopify

One of the strengths of Shopify is that it does not require the installation of any software on your server but you just need to create accounts that you will customize in a really simple and fast way.

Next, I’m going to show you how to sign up and get started with Shopify.

  • Go to Shopify; in your search engine enter Shopify followed by the code of your country. You can try to enter the Shopify platform. Add your email address at Start your free trial or click on the Get Started button at the top right.
  • Enter your email, password and store name. Keep in mind that someone may already have a Shopify store with the name you would like to use, so try to choose a very personalized and unusual one. When you sign up you will have a free 14-day trial.
  • Enter your information and click on Create an account.
  • In the Tell us a bit about yourself part, you will have to add a few more details about your business. If you are already selling, what is your current income and in what industry will you operate. And if you are setting up a store for a client (if you are a retailer you can leave it blank). Through these Shopify can give you personalized recommendations later.
  • In the next step, you will have to fill in your fiscal address. But you will not have to add the payment details (credit card, PayPal or others) yet.
  • When you add your address and click on “Enter my store” you are ready to start working with Shopify. This will be the page you will land on. You will see that you can Select a plan or Add your first product.
  • You will first have to add a Plan. In the next section, you will find all the Shopify plans, with their different prices and features.

Choose a payment method

Choose the one that best suits your needs and choose a payment method. You can add a credit card, with information about it. And billing address which will have to go hand in hand with the address you added in step or PayPal.

Important: Even if you have already chosen a plan and payment method, you can cancel your account free of charge until the end of your free trial period. If you do not add the payment method, the account will be canceled automatically when your trial period ends, if you add the plan and payment, you will have to cancel it manually, or Shopify will charge your monthly payment that day.

How much does Shopify cost?

You have three plans to choose from:

  • Basic Shopify plan: Ideal for new businesses or online businesses without experience in selling in person, for $ 29 a month.
  • Shopify plan: Ideal for growing businesses with 1 retail store, for $ 79 a month.
  • Advanced Shopify Plan: Ideal for growing businesses with 2 or more retail stores, for $ 299 a month.

Keep in mind that, in addition to the monthly rate, you will have to add certain commissions per order, depending on the plan you choose.

Shopify life for $1/month


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