Instagram is one of the most used social networks currently with some 1,221 million active users in the world and also grew by 22.1% compared to the last year. It is “heir” of the idiosyncrasy of Fotolog, that social network where a user uploaded a single photo with a text. And his community commented on it. In this post, I will tell you about the best plugins to integrate Instagram into WordPress.

The Instagram WordPress binomial can be very powerful. Unfortunately, we cannot monetize on Instagram. The benefits of this social network are to have a very loyal audience that follows your updates. And those products or services that you have, promote them from your account. When you have that loyal audience, it becomes something very valuable

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Best plugins to integrate Instagram into WordPress

Instagram uses this same principle in its feed, and also included the stories. Ephemeral audiovisual updates that are used to tell smaller stories and thus the feed wall, which is used as something more permanent, do not get “dirty”. As if the guest and dishes were the photos of the feed and that of every day would be the updates of stories.

You can use your special linktree page in WordPress would be other plugins to install Instagram in WordPress

Social Feed Gallery: Best plugins to integrate Instagram into WordPress

In its free version, it only allows one account, two display modes (grid and carousel). And some more functionality such as the number of images in the carousel and the size of the images. Little more, everything else is saved for the premium version.

Spotlight Social Media Feeds:

This promises a lot and gives little … design very integrated with the WordPress interface. But then it only leaves us the grid view, being able to control the number of posts and columns). The orders in which the images are displayed ( thanks).

The way to open the post, some little things about the appearance such as the size of the feed. The padding between images, the size of the text, etc. It’s okay, it’s also pretty. If I had to choose one from this list that simply shows me the grid, this would be the one I would install.

Social Gallery and Widget:

Add via widget and block your images from the Instagram feed. You connect your account by means of a token, and voila! The truth is that it is the easiest to start using.

Link WordPress and Instagram without plugin

External widgets are embedded codes that you install in WordPress through a block of HTML. The interesting ones that include very cool Instagram tools are the ones that I list below. Also, you can get quite a lot of functionality without needing any plugin.

Embed Social:

Specialized in social media widgets. It includes both the much-seen feed widget. But beware (drum roll, it has a widget for stories. It also has a fairly generous free plan with which we can decide more calmly. If we like it or not to pay for it. And they do not cover you by the number of visits, they only limit the accounts to use and the refreshment of the content on the social network. Ole the Macedonians of the social embed.


This one is a bit different and also priced higher. It allows you to create a feed that drinks from various sources and display it in an integrated way on your website. Enter content from various social networks, accounts that interest you, hashtags, etc. and automate their viewing on your website.

Curious functionality of the Later social media planning tool that merges the concept popularized by linktree with product labels in the Instagram feed. Create a web page from the link of your Instagram bio that is a duplicate of your feed but with links to the products that appear in each publication. The less curious and interesting.

How to integrate Instagram into WordPress

First of all, do not forget that we need to have an account created on this social network. If you don’t have one open yet, you can follow this tutorial on how to create an Instagram account. That we created back in the day. But let’s go with the chicha.

The most direct way to connect Instagram with WordPress is by displaying your feed on your website. Being a website that does not allow links beyond the only one available in the profile, the possibilities of sharing your WordPress publications on Instagram are discarded. It’s great for …

Do you have a project in mind

Create a profile page for Instagram in WordPress

The most immediate thing is that that profile link reaches a page on your website where you offer links to the most important of your project. More or less like what offers. This is super easy to do with WordPress !! Go for it:

  • Create a new page in WordPress and call it “My profile on Instagram” or whatever you want.
  • Use a theme that allows you to hide the top bar of your website, the one where the logo and menu appear, such as Astra. On each page or post, on the right, you have the options to hide items on that page.
  • Add a button block for each link that you want to be visible from your Instagram bio.
  • One recommendation: add a text with emoji as the anchor of your button to make it more attractive to click.


Instagram is a great network to establish a relationship with your followers. For this reason, it is the network most used by influencers and YouTubers. Almost all video bloggers are very active on Instagram / TikTok. It is also an excellent network for graphic artists, illustrators, designers, branding, etc.

It is highly sought after by content creators and brands. It is also excellent at converting ads and physical products for stores oriented to the world of personal care, fashion, lifestyle, etc. If your project is oriented in these categories, without a doubt the connection of your money site with Instagram is essential to attract quality traffic. And convert it on your website. To create quality content on Instagram you can use that is the best plugins to integrate Instagram into WordPress.

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