Are you interested to know about Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress? Then you should invest 3-5 minutes and read this update. Many users can look forward to the advantages of the integrated Google solution – a plug-in for Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and the popular PageSpeed Insights.

Site Kit – 4 solution in 1

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Alternatively, you can of course wait for a few more versions until most of the incompatibilities have been eliminated. But if you choose the secure route via staging + backup, you won’t do anything wrong – it can be worthwhile.

Because the official Google plug-in for WordPress can be a great asset, especially for beginners. With the Site Kite, you no longer need to switch between different platforms – which costs time in day-to-day business or complicates the learning process – you can get daily insights into your visitor numbers, loading times, Google ranks or the performance of your Google ads (including YouTube, of course). obtain. When working in WordPress, you take a quick look at the dashboard and become a real analytics or search console professional step by step.

Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress

The time has come. The first official version of Google Site Kit was released on October 31, 2019. After the beta version started at the end of 2018. The beta phase has now been completed after about a year. Since then, Site Kit 1.0.0 has been available for free download. And, thanks to intelligent user management, can be used by ordinary website operators through to agencies to view professional Google stats and receive recommendations. Now you can use Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress.

Site Kit is a free open source plug-in for the popular CMS WordPress, with which around 60% of all websites are currently operated. And because WordPress is so popular. There is of course great interest in conveniently integrating the various Google services into the WordPress dashboard.

We have already explained to you how to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress in the linked post. But this plugin can do even more.

On the one hand, there is no need to mess around with code at all, which should be a great pleasure for many users. After the simple wizard installation, only the desired accounts have to be connected. And on the other hand, you have a central plug-in for the services Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

Site Kit – beta successfully completed

Since the release of the developer beta in June 2019, according to the Google statement, many bugs have been fixed, the installation process has been simplified and the overall user experience has been rounded off. It is also interesting that Site Kit Setup Wizard.

With this plugin, Google is promising the WordPress integration of further Google services. This could, for example, be a practical YouTube or Google Drive interface. However, Google does not yet have a look at the cards for this. We think: Site Kit is already an asset to the WordPress community and will certainly remain interesting in the future.

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Google Analytics/ Adsense in the WordPress dashboard by Google Site Kit

Google Analytics has become a daily tool for numerous WordPress users. It is used regularly to find out where visitors come from, where they stay or convert. Extensive traffic analysis can be individually designed. So now many users can look forward to this simple option of being able to view data from Google Analytics directly via WordPress.

How many visitors does your site have in a certain period of time? Where do these come from? What did you find particularly interesting?

In addition to Google Analytics, other services can also be integrated. With AdSense, for example, site operators can turn their traffic into money by making their site available for Google Display Ads.

Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights

The Google Search Console provides information on how to rank organically on the Google results pages or what search terms users used to get to your own page. How often and for which search terms were your own content displayed and what percentage of these impressions led to a visit.

With Site Kit, you no longer have to call up various services and pages to create reports or gain insights, but all of this data can be viewed centrally in the WordPress dashboard. On top of that, there are direct recommendations for action and interpretation approaches from Google via the aggregated data. With Google PageSpeed Insights, tips for optimizing the performance of the page can then be obtained.

With this advance, Google is finally creating a central and user-friendly solution for WordPress users. In the next section, we will show you again what the plugin is interesting for and also give you some information.

Google Site Kit – final overview

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Site Kit for?

In general, Site Kit is interesting for every operator of a success-oriented website. There are completely new possibilities, especially for agencies and administrators of customer sites. In this way, they can also give the actual site operators an insight into the aggregated Google data. Site Kit can be customized thanks to the ability to customize both the

  • Dashboard in WordPress, as well as the
  • Selection of linked services, as well as the granular adjustable user administration, can be used in a targeted manner by less experienced users up to professionals in an individual context. The best thing about it: With this central Google plug-in for WordPress, there is only one point of contact for aggregating various data sources.

A few official Google tips for using Site Kit:

  • Google recommends evaluating the insights at least once a week. This gives you a good connection to the numbers and allows you to react quickly to inconsistencies.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of the latest posts via the corresponding page reports.
  • Compare the most successful posts and how visitors came across them. For example, are there certain topics or products that attract more visitors from social media?


Hope you understand, why you should use Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress. The integrated use of various Google services is particularly interesting. For example, by using Page Speed Insights and Google Analytics together, you can find out to what extent higher loading times of your own website lead to higher bounce rates.

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