This ‘terms and conditions’ posted on the, is the current terms and conditions(T & C all over this page) of Webrito. This T & C might be refurbished, updated, or changed over time. This page will always bring the latest T & C. However, here, ‘You’ introduces the clients, visitors, and users of Webrito, and ‘We’ introduces the website itself.

Services & Terms: 

We provide the services as declared on our Service Page. If any amendment occurs in our products & services, it will be vividly updated on the Service Page and Service Details page. We may offer generalized discounts on any product or service and special discounts to any specific client according to the value and priority of the clients.

Webrito has the right to make any change on the prices of the services. While a project is in progress, if we find any potential requirement was undeclared in the project details and we need extra hours or efforts to accomplish that, we may ask to revise the quotation. If possible, extra-fast delivery can be offered, although subjected to an additional charge.

Delivery Deadlines: 

Without any unwanted reason that can affect, Webrito is subjected to maintain the delivery time. In case of revisions, additions, and deletions of any elements, delivery deadlines might be revised with proper acknowledgment of the clients. Delivery time usually starts when project details, deadlines, payments, and other bilateral issues are smoothly settled.

Acceptance of a Project:

 Whether declared or undeclared a project is considered to be accepted when-

  • If no feedback/revision request comes from the client end within 14 days of a front-end project delivery and within 30 days of a cms/back-end project delivery. 
  •  Clients can’t refuse the acceptance of a product or service unless they can show any incompetency or inappropriateness.
  • Not always, you have to acknowledge the acceptance in the website’s project page. You can choose any convenient means of communication.

Customization/fixing and updates: 

Once your product is delivered and there is any gap between the project details and our product you can ask for fixing those issues. But, any substantial customization which is not mentioned in the agreement will be chargeable. This charge will follow the rates, declared on our service page or pricing column.

Refund Policy:

You will be reimbursed the full amount of a project only when-

  • Webrito fails to complete your project.
  • You canceled the project before our team started to work on your project.

 You can ask for a partial refund when-

  • You can present and prove reasonable incompetency in our product while compared to our commitment.
  • You can present a rational dissatisfaction with the functionalities of the product.

Partial or full compensation can not be asked for any ignorable flaw of the product.

Payment Policy:

Your project will be started once you make a partial down payment or full payment on the basis of the project. Post-delivery payment is available upon the agreed extra charge. Pre-payment law can be partially or fully relaxed for long-term customers. 

Clients must agree to make payment on the accepted payment process by Webrito. Clients are fully responsible for handling the soft money or hand cash until it reaches  Webrito’s account or hand.

Clients content:

You are fully liable for the copyright of the contents and resources you provide us to use in your project. Webrito won’t proceed to any project that has any relation with illegitimate, illegal, adult, or offensive materials.

You or anyone from your part must ensure and correspond with the issues like- 

  • Any judicial and copyright claim against the materials you provide with us.
  • Claims from any third party or person on the infringement of their rights.
  • After-sales use of our product for legal or illegal purposes.

However, Webrito is not liable for how you use our products. Any illegal or unlawful use is out of our concern.

In order to provide proper service, Webrito or anyone from Webrito may need to have access to your contents or data. We ensure that the individuals working on your project from Webrito will have written agreements on your data and content security. Webrito will not take responsibility for any data that has been mishandled or misused by someone on your part.

We may provide you with free access to your data which has been stored in Webrito’s archive. 

Intellectual Property: 

Products designed, developed, planned, organized, discovered, created, and made by Webrito are our own intellectual property. We sell our products and services to our clients at our own rate. Further selling, sharing, and transferring of our products without Webrito’s consent is strictly prohibited.

Your Data In Our Website:

We may display your logo, brand name, and project name on our website just to enrich our portfolio unless you prohibit it with any written document.

Your Conversation:

Webrito may record your conversations with any of our representatives for quality development, training, and Webritos privacy. Webrito is committed that these records won’t be used for any other purpose not mentioned here.

If you are not comfortable with such records of your conversation, you may ask our representatives to stop recording.


Terms and Conditions found live on our website are the current and final T & C of Webrito. Do not copy this T & C for future use or revision. This T & C will be updated from time to time. But, the T & C we have when you are making any agreement will be applicable till the end of that respective agreement. Remember, the terms and conditions noted here will be applicable to you, only when you make payments accordingly.