Note: When we use the words ‘’We’’, ‘’US’’ and ‘’our’’, it refers to the Website team, a part of the team or the whole Website. By using ‘You’, we refer to the general visitors and the people who avail of our services. 

However, if you don’t agree to this privacy policy or need any further clarification, please refrain from using this Website until you get clarified and can agree wholeheartedly to the policies.

Once you start browsing our site or proceeding to avail any service, it means you have agreed to every clause of this privacy policy.

Who we are

We are Shopify & WordPress Development Experts Team who provide complete store setup, UI/UX design, HTML5, Shopify & WordPress Themes Development.

Below are the official declarations on which data we extract, how we use those, how we maintain our visitors’ privacy and other necessary legal information. Your acceptance to these policies means you agree to the ways we are using your personal and non-personal data.

Webrito reserves the right to make any amendment in it’s privacy policy.

Data We Collect:

We collect two types of data- Non-personal and personal. 

Non-Personal: Non-personal data indicates the data which don’t bear your identity. It just includes visitors’ demography, anonymous information, browser information,  referring/exit pages and URLs, the amount of time you spent on our site, and the number of actions you performed. 

Personal Information:

Personal Information comprises your email, your name, your phone number, your business name, and your business address, which you used throughout the registration process at the Site.

However, to avail or activate any of our services you don’t need to submit information except- full name, email address, and a little Personal Information specific to your business.

Use of Your Personal Data

Providing Service The data we ask while you’re placing the order is just to deliver the product or service accordingly. 
Communication We ask your phone numbers and email to communicate with you about any of your order, service or specially the current status of the order.
Marketing We may share some newsletter or promotional offers to your email. If you don’t expect such promotional offers, you can simply stop receiving those emails. Just hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button to stop it. 
Agreements While we draft any agreement with our clients, we may use some of our client’s personal information. It’s only to address the client vividly and to validate the agreement.
Secured financial transactions We may ask or use your personal information to verify or validate any financial transaction, accounting, payment card verification, audit, market analysis and statistics. 
Regulations To cooperate and comply with any legal or judicial obligation.
Recruitment If you apply for any job in Webrito, we may process your given data and may try to gather more information about your qualification. No other purpose lies here rather than finding the best applicant.

The rights you have to your personal data:

  • request access to your personal data that Webrito stored.
  • Rectifying any inappropriate or misleading data about you.
  • Refrain Webrito from processing some/whole of your personal data.
  • Erase some part of your personal data.
  • Ask for a copy of your personal data or to pass those to any other organization upon your written application.


Cookies are ‘’small pieces of data that a website generates and throws in a user’s computer’’.

To provide a better browsing experience we track some information that your browser allows us. For example- referring-URL/website you come from, browser type, the device you are connected with, and time or date, etc.

Our website throws a piece of a text file to your hard drive which helps us track these types of non-personal browsing data. It enables us to surmise your preferences and to develop your browsing experience next time.

However, we may use both ‘Persistent’ and ‘Session’ cookies. 

Session cookies are transient and are erased automatically as soon as the visitors leave the site. It’s related to a particular visit.

On the other hand, Persistent cookies are something permanent in your browser. It is saved into your hard drive and keeps functioning until you delete this. Don’t take it as a security hazard. The use of persistent cookies is to identify your browser in the repeated log-actions you make on the site. Once you are logged in, the cookies save the data and allow you as a safe/known visitor in further attempts.

Use of cookies in bullet points:

–Can Identify the type of devices of a visitor and operating system

-Mobile device identifier and MAC address, IMEI, etc.

-Browser types and language

-Referring URLs

-Amount of time and number of clicks on the site.

-Domain name, landing page, etc.


In case you upload any image file to Webrito site, you are strongly discouraged to embed the location data with the image. Others may download those image and extract the location data from the image. 

Contact forms

Whenever you fill up the contact form, you are putting in some of your personal information. This information may be stored in our database to reply to you or to connect you later.

Embedded content from other websites

This site may contain some external links embedded into the texts. Clicking on those links may redirect to other websites which also have their own privacy policies. Those also may use cookies, collect your personal or non-personal data or may monitor your interaction.

Webrito has no relation with those websites’ privacy policy.

Analytics and Data Sources

We use Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Mailchimp subscriptions and few third party sources to collect visitors data.

Data Sharing

Very limited amount of your personal data might be shared to our business partners and clients, if necessary.

How long we retain your data

Once you register to our website, this data will be permanently saved into our database until you edit or delete those. 

Users themselves can edit their own data except for the user name. Webrito admin has the right to make changes to any data.

However, if you make any comment on our website, it’s metadata lasts forever. It helps us approve your comments without hanging those up in the moderation queue.

How we protect your data:

Webrito has the utmost professionalism in using customers’ data. We respect your privacy and never disclose it to anyone. Our customers’ data is protected into a deep storage where no one else apart from Webrito admin has the access.

What We Do With Your Data

Webrito has no commercial or personal use of your data. Webrito doesn’t sell, manipulate, infringe or investigate your personal information. The principle use of your data by Webrito is, providing a better browsing experience to the visitors and building seamless communication between our clients and us. In addition, to perform clients log-in verification few of your personal data are used.

You can delete or amend any of your personal information at any moment.

You can request us to change or delete the personal information that we have stored about you except for any information recorded for administrative or legal purposes. 

Your local government laws may have some conflicts with our privacy policy. You may notice if you feel something is incompatible with your local laws.

Contact information

If you’ve any suggestions, query or further clarification about Webrito’s Privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to address to